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Name:  Lieutenant Chandra Tahl "Chani"
Position:  Space Science Officer
Birthworld:  Rigel VIII
Age:  32 Standard Earth Years

Personal Data:

Height:  5’8".  
Weight: 125 lbs.  
Sex: Female
Hair: Brown/Black
Eyes: Golden brown 
Race: Orion

Immediate Family: 

Foster Mother: Simi Singh
Foster Father:  Swarnjit Singh
Marital Status: Single
Children: None


Physical Appearance: The attractive olive green Orion is tall and lanky, is very strong, and keeps herself toned and fit.

Personality: Outgoing and friendly, gregarious, but takes her position very seriously and strives to be accepted by the rest of the crew regardless of their preconceived notions concerning Orion females.

Other Pertinent Data: LT Tahl spends her off duty hours studying Terran self-defense techniques, the Klingon language, and plays balalaika, a Russian string instrument given to her by her "uncle" Sulu. In private, Chandra enjoys practicing native Orion dances in the traditional costume called a "doth’mani." A tight fitting gold metallic sarong, the garment is designed to show off the "best qualities" of an Orion woman. Very few have seen her dance; since she only allows those she trusts the honor. She also loves to try different planetary cuisines. The one Terran dish she finds absolutely irresistible is chocolate covered cherries. A gift from Sulu for her acceptance into the Academy, she’s loved them ever since. 

She has had a few serious personal relationships, but none resulted in marriage. She is very careful about who she becomes involved with, being certain that it is an emotional and intellectual attraction, and not only physical.

History: Captain Hikaru Sulu liberated Chandra Tahl from an Orion pirate vessel at the formative age of 17. The USS Excelsior captain had commandeered the Orion craft and in so doing, rescued dozen or so Orion females slated for the slave trade. The other Orion "slave girls" on board did not attain success at Starfleet’s attempt at rehabilitation since they were older and more set in their ways. They wished to go back to Orion, and were returned to their home world without delay.

Chandra was placed in a foster home of a close friend of Sulu’s. Swarnjit and Simi Singh had no children and welcomed the chance to help the young woman. Swarnjit and his wife was top scientist at Starfleet Academy and taught classes in their field when not working on secret projects.

Chandra seemed to fit right in with the Singh’s style of living and became very close to her foster parents. Wanting to do all they could to help their young charge, they asked Sulu’s help to get Chandra admitted to the Academy. As a "surrogate uncle," Sulu had full confidence in her abilities to serve Starfleet, and was very defensive toward anyone who doubted her. That included the admissions committee and the Academy. After Chandra’s first application was rejected, Captain Sulu went to the one person who could get things done. Admiral James T. Kirk. Admiral Kirk called in all favors and pulled as many strings as it took to get Chandra admitted to the Academy. Even at that, the best he could do was to convince admissions to accept her on probation.

Chandra was thrilled to be given the chance to be the first Orion female ever accepted. Fraught with prejudice, that first year was a true test of her character and resolves to become a Starfleet Officer. She constantly struggled against the generalizations most students and faculty held of Orion women. One of the few remaining prejudices in existence was the notion that Orion women were nothing more than empty-headed pleasure seekers. She had to go to great lengths to prove that idea was invalid by making sure she knew more than necessary on any particular topic in her studies. She loved the loose fitting tunic and pants the Academy provided – she was careful not to wear anything that would emphasize the formidable curves of her body. She also felt the first breath of freedom when her waist-length hair was cut.

Her years at the Academy proved to be very successful. With 95% average in her studies, she majored in astrophysics and graduated in the top ten of her class. Early promotion was bestowed on her, which made her loved ones very proud.

Chandra Tahl’s first assignment in 2307 was on board the USS EXCALIBUR where she served as Research Scientist in the Science Department. Transferred to the USS STARQUEST in 2309, Chandra rose through the ranks quickly for her discoveries in astronomy. She was reassigned to the USS PHOENIX in 2315. She still feels the need to tone down her appearance while on duty, but in private she’s very sensuous. Her quarters and after hour attire reflects that through soft colors and materials. Yet even when socializing with friends, she dons loose clothing. Chandra still battles prejudice that occasionally surfaces, and will not play into the stereotype in public for fear of jeopardizing her future in Starfleet.