Name: Lieutenant Stev
Position: Intelligence Officer
Birth World: Vulcan/T'Kahasi
Citizenship: Federation-Terran (currently under exile from Vulcan)
Birth date: May 14, 2282
21st day of Khuti 67514 (Vulcan Calendar)

Personal Data:

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 200 lbs
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep Blue
Race: Vulcan

Immediate Family:

Father: Serrit
Mother: T'Jo
Sister: T'Sus, bonded to Telyam
Brother: Sarren, bonded to T'Jen
Sister: T'Li, bonded to Sypher
Marital Status: Single, formerly bonded to T'Aiya
Children: None

Stev's immediate family believes him to be dead and would only raise their collective eyebrows once they discover he's not.

Physical Appearance: Lieutenant Stev is of average height for a Vulcan but is considered tall compared to Terrans. He is physically fit but not muscular. Stev's blue eyes always seem to glint with a mischievous look. His expression is considered animated for a Vulcan but would be subdued if he were human.

Personality: Stev has the annoying habit of telling very bad jokes and puns for his "research of humor", with his favorite being "Rap rap" jokes. He spends his free time learning obscure languages, reprogramming the Universal Translator when he finds a discrepancy, and translating poetry (his favorite poetry is Ancient Terran Rock & Roll). His emotional displays more often resemble those of a reserved human unless his concentration is taken up with whatever task is at hand, then he behaves more like the typical Vulcan. He also keeps a pet tribble named Phread because it pleases him to do so.

Other Pertinent Data:

Distinguished graduate Vulcan primary education 2294.

Completed the Kolinahr Master program 2304.

Honor graduate of Starfleet Academy 2308.

Majors: Federation Languages and Communications

Minors: Starship Navigation and Computer Programming.

Stev missed Valedictorian status because his graduate thesis was "Chickens and the Roads They Cross".

Stev is a qualified master of all secrets of the Kohlinar including all mental disciplines.

He is a level 7 computer programmer

Stev is a master of Sus Manah (a Vulcan martial art) as well proficient in several Terran styles.

Stev is an accomplished pilot and can make a shuttle do things the designers never envisioned.

Stev's telepathic tracking abilities only work on minds with which he is intimately familiar and then it requires intense concentration. Usually ship's sensors or a tricorder work better.

History: In 2282 Stev was born to Serrit & T'Jo in a small village under the shadow of Mt. Seleya. Serrit and T'Jo were a family of modest means and cared for Stev and his three younger siblings with the logical equivalent of joy. Early on Stev showed promise, as his mental facilities and telepathic powers were much higher than the average Vulcan his age. Stev completed the mandatory schooling six years ahead the norm. Stev was also able to locate his family and friends telepathically (which unfortunately made it illogical to play va'num ong num {a game resembling Earth's Hide and Seek} with him as a child). Stev's emotional content was also higher than average, which made it difficult for his parents to raise him. At the age of 7, while preparing for his Kahs'wan, Stev rescued a young human in T'Kahsi e atako (The Vulcan Forge). This young human, named Richard Spears, became Stev's friend and would re-enter Stev's life when both were adults.

At the age of 12, after Stev had completed his Kahs'wan, Serrit and T'Jo made the logical decision to have someone more capable of dealing with Stev's strong emotions continue his education. Stev was taken in by the Order of the Kolinahr and for the first time in his life he was mentally challenged. Stev's education consisted of mastering the mental disciplines of; Kya'shin (emotional control), Kae'at kito (mind-meld techniques), telepathic abilities, and C'thia and Olzhika' (two distinct methods of logic). Stev excelled in the disciplines taught him and practiced mental control by learning the known languages of the Federation. At the age of 17 Stev had completed half of the 14 year Kolinahr Master program and was leading a fulfilling life, but something was not yet complete.

One day in his 23rd year as Stev was walking through the local market way, he happened to see a group of humans congregating together and annoying the local vendors with their laughter. Noting their illogical behavior, Stev was intrigued and went back to his rooms to study the human emotional makeup. Stev's research showed that humans were "highly illogical and emotional" as the author of most of the texts put it. Stev noted that a certain Captain Spock of Starfleet had authored most of the texts on human beings. Stev meditated and thought deeply about all the things he had learned about emotions and intuition.

After some months of study Stev came to the logical conclusion that although Surak's teachings of C'thia, Olzhika' and Kya'shin; were not wrong, modern Vulcans had gone too far in teaching that emotions needed to be suppressed. Stev knew that this was a radical notion, but that it had been arrived at logically. When Stev was ready to take the Kolinahr symbol he publicly stated this new idea. The Masters were unable to comprehend Stev's logical deductions and disavowed everything Stev had tried to present. Stev was presented with two options. He could disavow these ideas and undergo the Kolinahr training again or he could except Vrekasht, to be outcast and never be allowed to set foot on Vulcan again, forsaking all rights of having his Katra placed in the halls of the Ancients. Stev knew his own mind and knew that using his emotions was the logical choice. Stev chose exile.

Stev journeyed to Earth, but found living with beings of such uncontrolled emotion distasteful. He realized he would not be happy unless he was with the best and brightest that humankind had to offer. Stev applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted immediately. Upon graduation from the academy Stev put in his request to be part of the Third Fleet, logically assuming that he would be with Starfleet's finest. After a brief training mission aboard 3F's USS Potemkin, Stev was assigned to the USS Lexington NCC 2003. Stev served as the Lexington's CONN Officer for many years.

While onboard the Lexington Stev met and fell in love with T'Aiya Llire. Stev proposed in Paris, France while on shore leave. T'Aiya accepted and the two were bonded. After serving together onboard the Lexington for many years, Stev was contacted by an agent of an elite Federation organization code named October. Stev was recruited for a mission, with his wife's knowledge and Captain's blessing Stev undertook this clandestine mission. Stev executed the mission flawlessly. Impressed with Stev's ability to think on his feet and his growing ability to track known minds telepathically, the organization offered Stev a permanent position. Logically, knowing he was the best man for the job, he accepted. October had one requirement of its operatives, much like the Men in Black of late 20th-early 21st century American history, the operatives didn't "exist". October planned a shuttle "accident" during Stev's last mission onboard the Lexington. T'Aiya and Stev separated their bond and she underwent mental conditioning to believe that Stev and his pet tribble had in fact died. Stev's crewmates believed him to be dead.

For the next ten years Stev continued to perform clandestine missions for October. Stev and Phread operated in areas where the Federation couldn't go. Stev has operated within the Romulan Star Empire, The Klingon Empire, and conducted missions regarding the Jirzzaque. Escaping from his last mission, Stev's cloaked shuttle suffered damage. The shuttle and its two occupants were rescued by the USS Phoenix. Unwilling to mind wipe the crew of entire starship, October has granted Stev a resurrection of sorts. With an appropriate cover story offered to Starfleet, Stev now reports to Captain Lawrence as one of her intelligence officers. Rumor has it that Stev is still an operative for October, though Stev would deny it if asked. It is unknown at this time if Captain Lawrence is aware of Stev's missing years or if she's been told the same cover story as everyone else.