Name: Ensign Alan Shore
Position: Helmsman
Birth world: Earth, Bakersfield, CA
Age 28 (Born 2302)

Personal Data:

Height: 5í11"
Weight: 175
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Greens
Race: Human

Immediate Family Members:

Mother: Celeste Shore
Father: Michael Shore
Siblings: No brothers or sisters.
Marital Status: Single.
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Ensign Shore is a medium sized man. His black hair is short. When on duty his uniform is always pressed and clean; he is an average looking man that prides himself in his work and completing Star Fleet Academy.

Personality: Ensign Shore is intelligent, focused, and yet a free spirited person. He is open to everyone and he makes friends easily. Alan also enjoys all types of music but his favorite seems to be Jazz. Finally, Ensign Shore attempts to play a very old violin that was given to him by his mother. During Star Fleet Academy, Ensign Shore took his violin studies very seriously and has become rather good.

Other Personal Data: Ensign Alan Shore entered into Star Fleet Academy in 2322 not sure what he really wanted to specialize in. However, shortly thereafter Ensign Shore took a required course in Operations. It was then and there that Alan knew he wanted to have the position of Helmsman aboard a Starship. He took extra courses and graduated in 2328.

History: Alan Shore grew up in a small community in Bakersfield, CA. His mother and father never entered the Federation but they had normal everyday jobs. Alanís father was a teacher and his mother was a stay-at-home wife and mother. Neither of his parents wanted Alan to join Star Fleet . He tried to help out at home and took odd jobs to bring in some money when his father became ill and could no longer hold a job. He never gave up his dream of attending Star Fleet Academy and in the year 2322 he signed up for a four year course in Operations. Once accepted he threw himself into his studies and decided to up for another two years and graduated in December of 2328. He was not top of his class but was a hard worker and well liked.

In late 2329, Alan Shore replied to a job opening for Helmsman aboard the USS PHOENIX NCC 2315. Thinking he didnít have a chance in hell of getting the job he still took the opportunity. In early 2330, it came as a big surprise when Ensign Shore received orders to report aboard the USS PHOENIX as their new Helmsman.

What Shore didnít know is that Captain Lawrence saw something in his character that made her want him aboard. She has learned to listen to her gut feelings about people in the past and it has served her well.