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Name: Lieutenant Brandon Horatio Rhodes
Posistion: Weapons System Officer
Birth Place: Genesis 3 - Star Fleet Terraformed Asteroid: Astro- Physics Research Station
Offical Birth Place: Star Station Valkarye 8344
Age: 39 Terran Years (2285)

Personal Data:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 184 Lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair: Blond Of Regulation Length (Short)
Eyes: Blue
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Helen Eileen Worth Rhodes
Father: Brice Hyram Rhodes
Siblings: Sister: Agustana Lea Rhodes (Goes By Gus)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Lean and muscular with a just a slight pretense of excessive self confidence in his step despite his young age, or probably because of his young age; life has not dealt him enough low blows to soften his arrogance. Most people have to look twice when they learn Brandon's age. His hair is a bronze colored blond, cropped closer to his scalp than most men in Star Fleet and so far no bald spots making any unwanted appearances. His shoulders are much wider than his hips, and this accentuates his appearance of strength and depth of chest. His eyes are a clear icy blue that can penetrate ones self-confidence when he locks his eyes onto yours. However, he is known to laugh at almost any joke one should decide to tell. His skin is tan to copper-colored from too much time outside when planet-side and trips to the sauna when trapped aboard ship for extended periods of time.

Personality: In 20th Century terminology Brandon Rhodes’ personality would be referred to as a "Type A". He is not an introvert by any means; he is engaging in group activities and can play well with others. But, when he knows he is right….well, he’s just RIGHT and that’s all there is to it! That can include areas such as work, politics, religion, romance (others, not his own), battle tactics etc... etc… etc… However when given directions and orders under fire he does not stand there and debate with his superiors, he carries out his directions with alacrity, diligence, with utmost attention to detail.

History: According to Brandon Rhodes and Star Fleet records; if you know exactly where to look; he is the only person to have been born in two places at the exact same time. In 2285 the Genesis project was brought to fruition with the "seeding" of one planet, one moon, and one asteroid. Brandon’s Mom (LCDR Helen Eileen Worth Rhodes) was assigned as an environmental controls officer to the Asteroid Genesis part of the project. After the asteroid had "given birth" to a class M atmosphere inside its hollowed out interior, LCDR Helen Rhodes decided that she had already devoted too much of her life to this project to abandon the prospect of being among the first Star Fleet team to take up official residence inside the asteroid; "pregnancy be dammed"! After all there was to be a fully staffed medical unit there anyway. This being a highly secret project, and not enough time to train a replacement, Star Fleet agreed with the LCDR and allowed her to accompany the team when it departed for the Asteroid. Unfortunately for all concerned Brandon H. Rhodes decided to be born two weeks early while at the same time the incident on the Genesis Planet was taking place. Star Fleet closed up their part of the Federation Operation by transferring all personnel from all Genesis projects to the nearest Starbase or Station. So, LCDR Helen Rhodes and newborn, incubator bound Brandon was transferred to Starbase Valkarye 8344 under orders not to divulge where they had transferred in from. As a matter of fact, all records reflected the fact that LCDR Rhodes had given birth to Brandon in the delivery rooms at Starbase Valkarye.

Brandon’s father was also an Academy graduate; class of 2270; as was his mother, which is where they had met and first hated each other. It’s a long story and will be gone into at a later time. As a matter of fact Brice H. Rhodes was the First Officer on board the USS DISCOVERY NCC 7366 that evacuated all personnel from the remaining two Genesis Projects. LCDR Brice Rhodes met his son only one week after his birth, making the rest of the cruise unbearable for the rest of the crew as he was showing Brandon off to one and all.

Brandon graduated the Academy in 2307 when he was almost 22. His first assignment had been aboard the USS SOVERIGN NCC 2505 as Engineering Officer Gama Shift. Then after making Lieutenant JG in 2316 he was transferred to the USS ADVENTURER NCC 7100. Having had success as Warp Drive Officer and promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant, he was transferred to the USS PHOENIX NCC 2315 in 2324.