Name: Lieutenant T'Ami Renner
Position: Lab Bio Technician
Birthworld: Vulcan
Age: 26 Standard Earth Years (2289)

Personal Data:

Height: 5'7".
Weight: 130 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Walnut Brown
Eyes: Amber
Race: Human/Vulcan

Immediate Family:

Mother: T'Sala (Vulcan):Physician
Father: Liam Renner (Starfleet: Retired/Injury *Presently teaching Engineering at Starfleet Academy)
Brother: Sean Renner- 28, Pathologist: Vulcan
Sister: T'Mara- 25 : Starfleet: LT. Assigned to: - the USS MacAuliffe
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Lieutenant Renner is average height for both a Vulcan and Terran female. Although slight in build, she is in superb physical shape. Years of studying karate/judo have toned her muscles and T'Ami moves efficiently and fluidly. Her shoulder length walnut brown hair waves slightly and she has a habit of tucking the silky tresses behind her ears when concentrating. TíAmiís mixed blood shows through in her less than sharply defined Vulcan ears and her pale amber eyes which are inherited from her Terran father.

Personality: T'Ami is very well known onboard for refusing to give up on a patient. Her amber eyes darken to brown and she mutters in Vulcan while furiously trying to beat the odds for her patients again and again. Fortunately for those around her, she doesn't offer to translate these frantic tirades. She is often temperamental, but will unnerve her crewmates by suddenly becoming very Vulcan-like in manner. T'Ami has instantaneous but almost cold-blooded reactions when aiding the injured and this often makes the difference with her patients. Afterwards, however, T'Ami goes to a Cargo Bay that isn't being used and will stay there until she gives into and then almost brutally clamps back down on her emotions once again. At times, she is very outgoing and open but she emphatically refuses to discuss her belated graduation with anyone other than her Commander or Counselor.

Other Pertinent Data: TíAmi has inherited a deep love for the written word from her father Liam. Her quarters have numerous bookshelves tucked into every available space. Among her treasures are many actual antique volumes given her by her father on various birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Other shelves hold a large amount of computer disks in varying subjects.

However, most of TíAmiís books cover her favorite subjects of Forensic Science, Astrology and her most beloved of all - thrillers! TíAmi loves reading whodunits and tries to use her forensic knowledge to solve the crimes first. Perhaps her love of this particular genre can be traced back to her older brother. A pathologist, Dr. Renner is well known on Vulcan for his assistance to the authorities whenever itís needed to help solve a
particularly puzzling crime.

History: TíAmiís father Liam is a retired Starfleet Officer. When both his Commanding Officer and the First Officer of the LIGHTFOOT were killed at the Battle of Five Points during the Andromean War (2310), Liam Renner was injured while on duty in engineering. Unable to return to active duty because of those injuries, he took a full retirement and is now teaching Engineering at Starfleet Academy. T'Ami was a junior at the time of the accident, but took indefinite leave to help her mother at that time. She returned to the Academy and graduated with honors this year.

T'Ami keeps the fact that her relationship with her mother is strained confidential, again only speaking about this to her commander and the guidance counselor. This is somewhat obvious as her mother lives on Vulcan, in spite of the fact that her father continues to live on Terra. Although the pair claims to have a good marriage, TíAmi is not all that sure. However, she tries to keep things open between herself and her mother. However, it is rather obvious that she is more at ease with her human heritage. Perhaps this easy showing of her emotions adds to the distance between her and her very Vulcan mother.

She also has a less than ideal relationship with her older sister. The reason for this is unknown to anyone as T'Ami refuses to speak of it. However, their problems can be traced back to the time when their father was convalescing on Vulcan.

TíAmi has a deep love and respect for her older brother and they are very close. The keep in touch by exchanging vids on a weekly basis. She treasures them and keeps all of the communications on disks to look at again and again.

Liam and his younger daughter maintain a very close relationship. This was evidenced by the lack of hesitation T'Ami showed upon being informed of her fatherís accident aboard the LIGHTFOOT. She dropped everything to be at his side for as long as it took until he was back on his feet. Like her older brother Sean, she keeps in weekly contact with Liam. In an interesting side note, her superiors in Medical have noticed that whenever T'Ami loses a patient, she places a call to her father afterwards. That, more than anything, seems to set her back on course