Qas.jpg (107467 bytes) Name: Lieutenant Commander QaS
Position: Chief Engineer
Birth World: Qo’noS
Age: 33 (DISqeylIS 33959 [2282])

Personal Data:

Height: 6’7"
Weight: 230 lbs
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark auburn
Eyes: Golden
Race: Klingon/Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Vrena Marti (deceased)
Father: Torg
Marital Status: Currently not bonded
Children: None


Physical Appearance: Lieutenant Commander QaS is big and strong, and has all the appearance of being full Klingon, although his features are a bit softer owing to his human blood. He has long hair, which he keeps coiled tightly at the nape of the neck, and very pronounced forehead ridges. He is extremely fit owing to continual calisthenics that he does with his betleH. By Klingon standards, he is not considered handsome because his eyes, cheekbones and chin bear more human than Klingon appearance.

Personality: Like most Klingons, QaS is driven by discipline and following the chain of command, something instilled in him while in service on a bird-of-prey, and by the strict upbringing by his father. To most humans, QaS seems crude because of his brooding, surly disposition, and general Klingon worldview. He is actually very sensitive (from his human blood), although he is loath to openly display that quality. Because he grew up being called bID Sep (half-breed) by other Klingons, QaS developed a very hard shell that is difficult for people to penetrate. He is slowly learning that he does not need this shell to protect himself in Starfleet. Although he is eager to have friends, he does not know how to go about it. He is likely to be unaware when someone is trying to get to know him, as he is always on his guard. Being on guard comes from the numerous challenges to his honor he faced growing up on Qo’noS. Since being with his Terran relatives of his mother, he is discovering aspects of his human heritage.

Other Pertinent Data: Although trained in the use of the betleH (a Klingon weapon), QaS is very poor in wielding it. He also failed miserably at such sports as vlek’HoH (vermin kill), a child’s game that he could never master. Although physically strong, QaS is not as coordinated in battle as are other Klingons. His father blames this on his mother’s side of the family. QaS’ overriding interest is in matter/anti-matter engineering, and perfecting energy delivery systems. This, too, was a disappointment to his father, who had wanted QaS to continue the glories of the House of Grek.

History: The union of Torg, son of the Klingon ambassador to the Federation, and Verena took place before the Camp Khitomer Accords. Thus, Verena was disowned by her Swiss family on Earth (except for her twin brother), and the couple relocated to Qo’noS, where QaS was born. When QaS was three years old, Verena died of Klingon Scarlet Fever. Thus, QaS never had the opportunity to grow up learning about his mother’s culture. Torg, member of an illustrious house, was determined that his son would grow up to serve the family and his house with honor. He was, at times, brutal in his training of his son, knowing that QaS dual heritage would handicap his son in Klingon culture.

At nineteen, with the help of his grandfather Grek, QaS was assigned to the Klingon cruiser Morok on which he served almost eleven Earth years. Despite his training as an engineer, QaS was relegated to cleaning engine parts and torpedo tubes. He faced constant challenges to his honor and insults because he was considered a half-breed. In 2309, while on a diplomatic mission in the Alpha Quadrant, the Morok was ambushed by a Romulan Warbird intent on securing the contents of Federation communiqués to the Klingon High Council. The bird-of-prey was all but destroyed, left with five crewmembers alive, adrift in space. QaS was one of the survivors, who were ultimately picked up by the USS Merrimac (NCC 7008). They were transferred to Starfleet Medical in Paris, one of the few medical facilities in the Federation at that time equipped to deal with Klingon physiology.

In Paris QaS interacted with humans for the first time since his mother had died twenty-six years earlier, learning Federation Standard for the first time. Although he found it difficult at first, he managed to reestablish contact with his uncle Urs in Switzerland, the only relative of his mother who had not cut her off after her bonding to Torg. In getting to know his uncle and aunt, QaS came to understand why he always felt so much a loner in Klingon society, realizing that what made him different was his human feelings. QaS stayed with his uncle and aunt Hanni in Bern while he recovered from his injuries. In view of his degrading service on a Klingon ship, QaS’ uncle convinced him to join Starfleet where he was sure to be able to serve on a starship with honor. An admiral who had been a friend of his mother when she was serving in Paris as a Federation diplomat sponsored QaS’ application to the Academy.

QaS’ years at the academy were as tumultuous as those on Qo’noS. He had to adapt to human ways of thinking, something that he still considers difficult. However, he has managed to tame his Klingon habits while serving. He still likes his blood wine and betleH sparring. His dual heritage causes him a constant war within him. The inner turmoil is well masked from his fellow crewmates.

After only a year’s service on USS PHOENIX, his first Starfleet posting, QaS distinguished himself in battle against the Jirzzaque. In the battle, the ship’s Chief Engineer was severely injured and QaS capably maintained the ship’s systems until ultimate victory in the conflict. For his actions he received a battlefield promotion and elevation to Chief Engineer of PHOENIX.