Name: Lieutenant Plymossarian (Ply)
Position: Cultural Anthropologist
Birth World: Pacifica
Age: 40 standard earth years

Personal Data:

Height: 5’7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Race: Pacifican/Human

Immediate Family:

Mother – Grace Marie Dumar (Human)
Father – Malconra (Pacifican)
Brothers: 2
Sisters: 2
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Plymossarian is statuesque with muscles that are toned. She is strong because she is ˝ Pacifican. Also due to being ˝ Pacifican she does retain the gills on the sides of her neck for underwater breathing. However, the long hair she typically wears keeps the gills hidden. However, typically when not being used for underwater activities, the gills remain in their closed position. Plymossarian has been trained in several self-defense arts as well as weapons, tactical, ship defenses, and several forms of shuttle defenses. Plymossarian has been trained not only for survival on rugged terrain, and furious ocean conditions, but also in the icy temperatures of the artic continents and is currently exploring various survival techniques for planets with un-breathable atmospheres for humans.

Personality: Plymossarian is a quiet individual. She has a sense of humor, however, you would not know it as she keeps it very quiet. She is reserved, and seldom displays her emotional side, but always carries a very professional attitude. She likes to blend into the background and observe the people and situations around her.

Other Pertinent Data: Plymossarian has received several meritorious awards for valor and courage. In her off time, Plymossarian reads all type of books, but really likes the stories from Old Earth, the Detective Sherlock Holmes. She loves to study cultures and societies. While in the academy she was a top student in Xenography, but choose to go into Security. She always looked at her choice for Security as a way to protect the cultures and societies she loved and studied in Xenography. She double majored Security Sciences and Xenography and was at the top of her class in both.

History: Plymossarian is the oldest child of her parents and was raised in the resort colony of Atlantica on the planet Ocean Planet Pacifica. The colony population is believed to be direct descendents of the lost City of Atlantis from Earth. Plymossarian grew up believing it was just a nice story, and holds no belief in the theory.

Plymossarian’s parents are both retired and enjoying their life on Pacifica with their other children and grandchildren.

Plymossarian received two medals of valor from Star Fleet while in the Romulan Wars and then again in infiltrating a pirating operation.