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Name: Ensign Alliea VanderSchnap
Position: Security
Place of Birth: Pella, Iowa - Earth
Birthdate: September 2, 1986 (Chronologically, Alliea is well over 300 years old. However due to the time travel she is physically in her mid-20’s)

Personal Data:
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 140 lbs
Sex: Female
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel with flecks of Green
Race: Human

Immediate Family:
Father: Frank (MIA presumed dead)
Mother: Jessica (deceased)
Marital Status: Single

Physical Appearance:
Alliea is a very beautiful young lady. Her sharp nose, almond eyes and gracefully curved ears nicely accentuate her oval face. Due to her military training and constant Tae Kwon Do drills she has a very muscular build. If she chose to she could be drop-dead gorgeous but her looks are not her main focus.

Alliea is a very observant person being very aware of her surroundings and of the people she meets. Her IQ registers very high for a human, but she is very sensible about using her intelligence. She also has what was referred to in her own time as Street Smarts. On the job she is all business. Off the job she is a very playful person. Being a survivor of the 21st century Alliea’s interests include period literature known as comic books. She also has a fondness for anime` and 20th-21st century motion pictures. When not on duty you can find her reading one of her beloved books or watching a movie. Alliea is not what you would consider feminine; she’s definitely a girl but doesn’t go out of her way to act like one. She also loves cats. Steve, an orange tabby cat named for the man who saved her, has been her constant companion since becoming an agent for October in her own right.

Alliea comes from a very long line of professional soldiers and police officers. In fact you have to go back 5 generations to find a relative that did not enter one of those two fields. Her father, an army intelligence officer, was MIA and presumed dead during the first Gulf War. Her mother, a Des Moines Iowa police officer, was shot and killed in the line of duty shortly thereafter. Alliea went to live with her maternal grandparents in Waterloo, Iowa after her mother’s death.

Alliea graduated valedictorian of her high school class. In honor of her father she enrolled in the United States Army and was immediately assigned to intelligence. She was injured during a tour of duty in Iraq. Receiving an honorable discharge, she enrolled in the Iowa Police Academy. Upon graduation she was offered a detective’s position with the Waterloo PD. Alliea was one of the youngest detectives on the force. Alliea served with distinction and had a very high arrest and conviction rate. Criminals that she arrested were nearly always found guilty at trial. When the crooks were let go it was on technicalities that were not Alliea’s fault.

In 2007 Alliea was on a case that was supposed to have ended her life. Instead through the timely intervention of the Vulcan Stev, an agent for October, who was on mission to that time; her life was saved. Stev, not wanting to corrupt the timeline any more than he already had gave her the choice of being someone else on Earth or coming back to the early 24th century. Alliea choose the future. She has worked as an operative for October ever since. She has not told Stev but she sees him as a replacement for the Father who was taken from her life at an early age.

In 2321, Alliea rushed into a situation that potentially would have ended not only her life but those of the people she was trying to rescue. October determined that she was not yet ready for independent operations. After contacting Stev, both the Vulcan and the clandestine organization felt it would be in Alliea’s best interest to serve aboard a starship. Frankenstein arranged for Alliea to have a battlefield commission and placed her on board the USS Phoenix under the command of Captain Lawrence. Ensign VanderSchnap serves in the Security Department.

Alliea’s falsified Fleet records show that she attended the Academy shortly after she came to the 24th century. The particulars of her time travel are conveniently left out of her official record to protect the identity of her rescuer. Her records also indicate that she served as a security officer aboard the USS Flying Dutchman for one year after graduating from the Academy. The Flying Dutchman exists only as an electronic means for October to add data to the Fleet records.

Alliea is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.