Travis.jpg (162739 bytes) Name: Lieutenant JG Kathryn (Kate) Travis
Position: Diplomatic Relations Officer
Birth world:  Pelas V
Age:  26 Standard Earth Years (2290)

Personal Data:

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Sea green
Race: Human

Immediate Family: 

Mother: Maeve Travis nee O’Neill, Terraformer on Earth Colony Galway
Father:  Liam Travis (deceased)
Brothers: Liam Travis, Jr. Married to Pegeen Travis nee O’Connor
Sean Travis married to Siobahn Travis nee Bailey
Padric Travis (deceased)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Kate has a head full of brilliant soft red waves. She wears her hair pulled back into a discreet bun during her tours of duty but lets it down to fall just below her shoulders once she’s out of uniform. Her eyes are pale green, with just a hint of gold flecks in them. She is quite fair with a sprinkling of freckles across her slightly turned up nose. Her generous mouth is more than often turned up in a charming smile, which reveals the small dimple in her left cheek. Although petite in stature, Kate works out regularly to keep in top shape. Her movements are graceful and flowing.

Personality: From the moment she entered the scene, Kathryn, or Kate as her doting

older brother Padric nicknamed her was a source of great joy and great frustration to her family. She was a beautiful child with flaming red curls and large, pale green eyes. She also possessed a will of iron that surfaced at quite an early age. She was the proverbial square peg in a sea of round pegs when it came to fitting into her terraforming family. She yearned for the stars while they happily tended to the land. Kate is a gifted speaker and listener and these talents serve her well in her position as a Diplomatic Relations Officer on the PHOENIX. Extremely gregarious, it was once suggested by a fellow crewmember that Kate could probably run faster with her lips than her legs. Her natural abilities as a peacekeeper are enhanced by her strict attention to details and an almost obsessive love of research.

Other Pertinent Data: Kate was taught how to play an Irish flute, also known as a tin whistle, as a young child by her older brother Padric. She stopped playing after his death and has only recently picked up the instrument again. Unable to read music, Kate has the ability to play anything once she’s heard it. She enjoys playing socially and has performed several times with fellow crewmembers during previous assignments.

History: The Travis family settled in Earth Colony Galway on Pelas V in 2224, 200 years after the Irish Unification on Planet Earth. Liam Travis was one year old when his family came to their new home world and although life was hard for the terraforming family, Liam grew up loving his new planet. He met and married Feona McAllister in 2248. They had three sons: Liam Jr., Sean and Padric. Feona was killed in a freak accident in 2275. Liam and Feona’s two eldest sons were married and starting their own families at the time of their mother’s death but Liam raised three year old Padric alone until he met and married Maeve O’Neill in 2288. Liam was in his mid-sixties and it came as quite a shock to him when his much younger wife presented him with his only daughter Kathryn in 2290. Kate was especially close to her half-brother Padric growing up and both shared the dream of escaping the dreary life in Colony Galway to live among the stars serving on a Federation starship. Padric left in 2298 to fulfill his dreams and entered Starfleet Academy. Eight-year-old Kate was happy for Padric, but the time between visits from her brother seemed like an eternity to the young girl. Without her ally, Kate soon found her parents trying to mold her into the role of a good little terraformer. Kate rebelled whenever possible, hiding for hours in the fields or orchards, reading whatever books she could find about space or daydreaming about her future among the stars. She suffered through the punishments handed out by her parents only to commit the same so-called crimes as soon as she was finished scrubbing, planting or whatever her current penalty had been. During his all too short visits home, Kate begged Padric to tell her everything about the Academy, dreaming of the day when she too could start to follow her lifelong ambition. The four years he was away at school finally came to a close and Padric graduated. His first assignment was onboard the USS POWELL. Kate’s pride in her brother’s accomplishments soon turned to grief when her family was notified of the loss of the POWELL and her entire crew. Inconsolable, twelve year old Kate spent the next several days destroying every bit of material concerning space and Starfleet that she had collected over the years. That completed, she turned to terraforming with a renewed dedication that bordered on obsessive. The death of her father only two short months after losing Padric only added to Kate’s determination to dedicate her life to the work on her home world. During the next seven years, Kate worked long, hard hours at her mother’s side, striving to complete the work her father had devoted his life to. She grew as lean and as hard as the land she worked on.

At age nineteen, Kate’s life once again took a drastic turn. While on their way to a peace conference being held on Pelas III, a Federation starship, the USS BRETEN, suffered engine difficulties. Her captain sought and received permission for the crew to be allowed shore leave at the Galway Colony while awaiting repairs. Suddenly, Kate found herself surrounded by Starfleet officers. In spite of her initial determination to avoid all contact, she soon found herself drawn to the men and women of the BRETEN. All the dreams she and Padric had shared all those years ago came surging back to the surface. Kate knew that she belonged on a starship, proudly wearing the uniform of a Starfleet officer. After a long and bitter argument with her mother, Kate finally convinced Maeve that her life was not there on Pelas V. With her mother’s tearful approval, Kate applied to the Academy and was accepted.

The next four years flew by and after graduation; Kate was assigned to the USS POTEMKIN. Her current assignment is onboard the USS PHOENIX.