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Name: Lieutenant Lawrence James Stewart
Position: Assistant Intelligence Officer
Birth world: Stratfordshire, England (Earth)
Age: 33 Standard Earth Years (2282)

Personal Data:

Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs. 
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark Brown 
Eyes: Dark Brown 
Race: Human

Immediate Family: 

Mother: Virginia Elizabeth Stewart 
Father: George Remington Stewart
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Lieutenant Stewart is tall and slender, his slender build making him look taller than he actually is. He is an extremely handsome man, though he's never paid much attention to his physical attributes. Women, however, find his appearance and English accent particularly appealing, and he's never had any trouble getting a date. He's also strong. While his build is not muscular in appearance, he's always trained hard, and his slender build hides a steely strength that frequently surprises his adversaries.

Personality: Lawrence Stewart first trained as a security officer on Venus, though his intelligent applications of details and other pertinent data quickly found him on the fast track toward the Intelligence Division. His soft-spoken demeanor has frequently lulled his targets into a false sense of security, much to their displeasure. Lawrence can be particularly quick with humorous quips when the mood takes him, though he has a tendency to "play the straight man" - more for the sake of his comrades and their need to joke with him. He particularly enjoys playing the part of the fastidious Englishman just to see what the role will draw out of his friends. His boss, Lieutenant Commander Spahn, has been known to fall for the straight act on more than one occasion. When in it comes to his closest friend, Lieutenant Spencer, Stewart will frequently resort to dry one-liners, puns, and any other kind of low-key joke just to see if he can get Spencer to squirm.

Other Pertinent Data: Lawrence's favorite drink is a stiff cup of Earl Grey tea. . . brightened with a wee bit of cognac from time to time. He enjoys flirting with women, though his tactics are never overt. Lawrence always aims for subtlety, and he's usually quite good at it. He's only been truly in love once, and she was killed during a risky mission to Rigel five years ago. While Lawrence eventually recovered from losing her, he has never pursued a serious relationship since, though he can be quite the debonair ladies' man when the mood takes him.

History: Lawrence James Stewart was born October 14, 2282 in Stratfordshire, England to George and Virginia Stewart, a genteel family that can trace its roots back to the time of Charlemagne, and George Remington Stewart has been known to tout that lineage frequently. George takes great pride in his family's lineage, something that Lawrence tends to scoff at in private. . . though Robert Spencer will more than gleefully tell you that Lawrence has thrown his "nobility" in Spencer's face on more than one occasion.

Lawrence grew up typically English, eventually making his way to Oxford University, where he graduated with honors in Criminal Law. Following that, he sought entrance in Star Fleet Academy, continuing his academic excellence. Lawrence made a name for himself on the first ship he was assigned to, the U.S.S. Webster, where he found himself in the unlikely position of commanding the security forces during a Romulan attack after his commanding officer was killed. Stewart has always taken his job extremely seriously, though not so seriously that he cannot see the humor in a situation.

Currently Lieutenant Lawrence James Stewart is assigned to the Intelligence Division aboard the U.S.S. Phoenix under the command of Lieutenant Commander Spahn.