Picture Coming Soon Name: Lieutenant Tara Running Wolf
Position: Security Officer
Birth world: New South Dakota
Age: 28 Standard Earth years (2287)

Personal Data:

Height: 58"
Weight: 130 pounds
Sex: Female
Hair: Long and straight coal black
Eyes: Dark brown
Race: Human / Native American

Immediate Family:

Mother: Sarah Moon Flower / Medicine Woman
Father: Joseph Black Hawk / War Chief of the Oglala Sioux
Sister: Stara Red Wolf (twin)
Sister: Snow Eagle
Brother: Swift Wolf (deceased)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Tara is slender with a muscular build. Has a bronze complexion with several scars on her body She has long and straight coal black hair. When not on duty, she likes to wear her hair loose with feathers in it.

Personality: She is very quiet, until she gets to know you. As she has been taught to listen very carefully and get the whole picture first. She will show no pain in battle, as her father taught her to do, but only those close to her know her real pain. She is not afraid of risking her life and does not fear death. She would rather die young in an honorable death in war, than grow old.

Other Pertinent Data: Tara is Native American from the Oglala Sioux Lakota Nation. Her ancestors include warriors, who fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn in the 19th century. Her bloodlines run back to the great Chief Crazy Horse. The Lakota still practice their ancient ways of their past. Her father, Joseph Black Hawk is a War Chief, he has taught his daughter to shoot a bow and arrow, throw a tomahawk, ride a wild horse, hunt, track trails of animals. Her mother, Sarah Moon Flower is a Medicine Woman. She has taught Tara how to cure illness, gather herbs, plants, cast spells, about rocks and gemstones. She loves a good fight, as she calls a workout. Her twin sister Stara Red Wolf, are identical twins, but are opposite of each other. Her younger sister, Snow Eagle is back at home with her family, due to death of her brother Swift Wolf Her family did not believe she would join Star Fleet, until she boarded the training vessel USS Potemkin NCC1711. Is a black belt in Karate and has training in weapons. When relaxing, likes to be around water or in an open space, drinking coffee and listening to music.

History: Was aboard the USS Starquest NCC 2894. The Starquest was docked, she went back home for some time off, until she got word from Star Fleet. And once again, she was headed for the star galaxy on the USS Phoenix NCC 2315.