Name: Lieutenant Angel Rico
Position: Senior Engineer
Birth World: Southern Mexico, Terra
Age: 28 Standard Earth Years (2290)

Personal Data:

Height: 5' 5" 
Weight: 115 lbs. 
Sex: Female
Hair: Auburn-Brown 
Eyes: Dark Blue
Race: Human (Chamula Mayan)

Immediate Family: 

Mother: Anita Rico
Father: Jose Rico
Sister: Lola Rico-Sanchez
Brother: Roberto Rico
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Lieutenant Rico reflects her numerous generations of ancestors of her family of indigenous Chamula Mayans of southern Mexico on Terra. Her skin is olive and her hair a dark auburn-brown. She has a slim, toned body kept in shape by a rigorous kar-van regimen she learned from a Vulcan classmate at the Academy. Although diminutive in stature, her strength is on a par with those much taller. Her roughened, dry hands betray her vocation as an engineer.

Personality: The child of two scientists, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Angel would apply herself to such studies. Her mother is a biologist in Mexico City, and her father a hydrologist whom Starfleet contracts to do surveys on Federation colony worlds, hence from an early age a connection to Starfleet. From her mother she acquired the natural inquisitiveness of a scientist. From her father she developed the meticulous, methodic traits of an engineer. Combined with a strong-willed, outgoing and generous nature, Rico had no problem getting into Starfleet Academy. Her fellow classmates at the Academy found her bubbly and almost always upbeat. However, being such an intelligent, precise person, Rico often has little patience for fellow officers who fail to grasp a situation as quickly as she does, and that can lead to her being critical.

Other Pertinent Data: Although she excelled in all physical fitness and defense training at Starfleet Academy, Rico had no interest in pursuing further martial or sports training after she graduated other than the yoga like kar-van discipline. Her primary interests are dilithium crystal theory and plasma flow regulation. Her motto among fellow engineers: "Do anything you can to keep the ship running."

History: Although Rico spent what is usually considered a "normal" childhood with a brother and a sister, she definitely stood out among her friends and siblings as a sometimes serious young person. As a teenage one of her keen interests was reading Engineering Logs of Federation Starships, while her friends were enjoying typical teenage pursuits, Rico often spent summers indoors reading. Because her career ambition developed earlier than those her age, Rico eventually felt somewhat detached from her peers. This made a critical attitude towards those her age a natural result.

Rico breezed through Starfleet Academy, although she was by no means the best and the brightest. Her competent, diligent approach to her duties was always appreciated by her senior officers, but was not a standout service in Starfleet, which contained exceptional officers from dozens of other Federation worlds.

Rico’s first posting was the Engineering department of Starbase 111 near Orion III. After two years, regular crew rotation saw her posted to the USS Bombay (NCC-4467), a Constellation-class vessel. After two years aboard Bombay, and still the rank of ensign, Rico was put out that she failed to make promotion to lieutenant jg. She therefore put in for a transfer for "more challenging duty...someplace that will test my limits as an engineer." She got her wish, transferred to the Excelsior-class USS Ventrikov (NCC-9115). The Ventrikov was ultimately tasked with other ships to quell the infamous Colony Wars in the Beta Trianguli system. Her selfless and courageous service on the Ventrikov – which was lost in the last battle of the inter-colony war – finally earned her recognition. In two years time she went from ensign to full lieutenant. After the destruction of the Ventrikov, she was transferred to the newly commission USS Phoenix. Her diligence and renewed confidence in her Starfleet career soon earned her the notice of the Chief Engineer who assigned her as senior engineer on Phoenix.