kennedy.jpg (77807 bytes) Name:  Lieutenant Seth Alexander Kennedy
Position:  Assistant Intelligence Officer
Birth World:  Mars
Age:  28 Standard Earth Years (2287)

Personal Data:

Height:  5’ 9"
Weight:  168
Sex:  Male
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Blue/Gray
Race:  Human

Immediate Family:

Mother:  Rachael Lane Kennedy (Deceased)
Father:  Nathan Alexander Kennedy (Deceased)
Marital Status:  Married – Tamara Jade Kennedy
Children:  None

Physical Appearance: Seth Alexander Kennedy could pass, physically, for any number of human males with his medium height and build, brown hair and eyes that shift from gray to blue, depending on mood or color of clothing. He keeps his body toned, his muscles taught but flexible.

Personality:  Born of privilege, Seth was forged into a man through trial and tragedy. As a result, Seth can be bright, cheerful and even playful. He also has times of deep emotional withdrawal as he struggles with memories and emotions. His anchor, lifeboat and voice of reason is also his soul mate, his wife, Tamara Jade.

He has been known to ignore caution and common sense, throwing himself into danger. Only his deep love for Tamara keeps this tendency toward recklessness in check.

Other Pertinent Data: On his way to adulthood Seth Kennedy was taught many "games", which later evolved into life skills employed by those who were hunters, or those who were hunted. Once the latter, he was forced to become the former. Trained from youth by Tamara, Seth is deadly with a variety of weapon types as well as unarmed. He is also capable of stealth and skilled in espionage, escape, and evasion techniques.

History:  Seth Alexander was born in 2287 on Mars Prime to Nathan and Rachael Kennedy. As an only child his parents and his hired mentor/bodyguard, Tamara Jade, raised Seth in privilege. Several attempts were made on the young Kennedy’s person.

He lost his parents to assassination on his eighteenth birthday. Only Seth and his mentor escaped. Found floating in a life pod, Seth and Tamara were taken to the Third Fleet Space Station, Flying Cloud, in orbit above Enya. The couple fell in love, made their home on the planet and was married.

They soon found themselves attending Enya’s Starfleet Acadmey, and then working in Starfleet Intelligence. They accepted posting aboard the USS PHOENIX NCC 2315 when offered the opportunity to work with Starfleet’s latest spy technology, SMIDGEN.