Kane.jpg (75372 bytes) Name: Lieutenant Meridian Kane
Position: Sensor/Instrument Design & Repair Specialist
Birth World: Earth
Age: 27 (2291)

Personal Data:

Height: 5í7"
Weight:130 lbs
Sex: Female
Hair: Black 
Eyes: Blue
Race: Human

Immediate Family: 

Mother: Commander Olivia Kane (Deceased)
Father: Captain Stirling Kane (Deceased)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: LT Kane is muscular, but has not lost her femininity. She is proud to wear the Starfleet uniform and wears it rather well due to her physique. One of her most telling features is the decorative tattoo that covers back from shoulder to muscular shoulder. Emblazoned there is her fatherís legendary motto. The phrase that legend tells he uttered even as he attacked Dranzerís larger force at Galorndon Core. The phrase would later be the title of Captain Kaneís biography and the holofilm that chronicled his life. "Fortune Favor The Bold."

Personality: Meridian appears quiet and unassuming to those around her. To those that know her, however, she possesses a hardened resolve and a rock-solid confidence in herself and her abilities.

History: Meridian Kane was famous before she was two years old. Her father, Captain Stirling Kane, Commanding Officer of the USS DAUNTLESS and her mother Commander Olivia Kane, Starfleet Intelligence, were both killed on the same day. Their death came during the Battle of Galorndon Core when a self-styled "Emperor" named Dante Dranzer and a fleet of his "Confederation of Worlds" ships attacked a presidential convoy of Starfleet vessels bearing the President of the UFP as well as the Vulcan and Andorian Ambassadors at the time. The Presidential junket had been touring the border of the Federation and the area around Galorndon Core that Dranzer had claimed as his own in an attempted coup/secession from the UFP.

Captain and Commander Kane, leading a much smaller complement of Starfleet vessels, defeated Dranzer at the loss of their own lives and the USS DAUNTLESS. The sole survivor of the doomed ship was a two-year old Meridian Kane, locked in a pressurized environmental chamber by her mother moments before her death.

Meridian was then raised by her uncle, Oliver Kane. Oliver, being nothing like his brother, is a smuggler of ill repute that frequents the Rigel system in his tramp freighter known as The Drake. As soon as Meridian was old enough she applied to Starfleet Academy. The student and faculty were a bit in awe of her at first due to her celebrated lineage. Meridian, seemingly in defiance of her fatherís legend, chose to study Engineering rather than Command. After a notable career there, she attended Third Fleet Academy and after her lieutenant jg cruise aboard the USS POTEMKIN, Meridian chose an assignment aboard the USS PAULING where she all but disappeared into the fringes of the Federation on the science vesselís deep space exploration mission.

Three years later, Meridian was promoted to lieutenant by her Captain and despite her wishes otherwise, was transferred to the USS PHOENIX. Meridianís specialty is sensors and analytical equipment and Captain Fugatt of the PAULING felt she was being wasted on the starship.