Jade.jpg (66749 bytes) Name: Lieutenant J.G. Tamara Jade-Kennedy
Position:  Assistant Intelligence Officer
Birth World:  Earth – Location undisclosed
Age:  Undisclosed

Personal Data:

Height:  5’ 5"
Weight:  110
Sex:  Female
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Green/Blue
Race:  Human

Immediate Family:

Mother:  Unknown
Father:  Unknown
Marital Status:  Married – Seth Alexander Kennedy
Children:  None

Physical Appearance: Petite but powerful, Tamara Jade trains her body rigorously. Her long, silken black hair is worn tied back. Tamara’s captivating eyes glitter the green and blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Her skin has the olive tint of the Daughters of the East. Her age is difficult to discern. As needed, Tamara can take on the youthfulness of a teenager, or the mature features of an older woman.

Personality: Tamara is quick witted and even tempered. She is confident, graceful, and can easily blend with various crowds. Her slight build and reserved personality tend to disarm suspicion… good for her friends, a lethal mistake for enemies. Tamara is devoted unto death to her charge, only love and husband, Seth Alexander Kennedy.

Other Pertinent Data: Although Tamara Jade does not shun friendship; she remains a mystery to all but her soul mate, Seth. Though she normally appears to be younger than Seth, Tamara’s Rite of Passage into adulthood came prior to the birth of her beloved husband.

Armed or unarmed, Tamara is a lethal weapon.

History:  Little is publicly known of Tamara Jade. Known only to certain individuals in Starfleet Command and to Seth is the fact that Tamara has served as Seth’s mentor and bodyguard since just after his birth. The legacy of Seth’s family nearly destroyed Tamara and Seth in a partially successful attempt to assassinate the Kennedy entourage. Seth’s parents did not survive. Found floating in a life pod, Seth and Tamara were taken to the Third Fleet Space Station, Flying Cloud, in orbit around Enya. The couple fell in love, made their home on the planet and was married.

They soon found themselves attending Enya’s Starfleet Academy, and then working in Starfleet Intelligence. They accepted posting aboard the USS PHOENIX NCC 2315 when offered the opportunity to work with Starfleet’s latest spy technology, SMIDGEN.