Name: Ensign Anelia Danelia Chekov
Position: Security (Diplomatic)
Birth World: Varna, Bulgaria/Terra
Age: 26 (2292)

Personal Data:

Height: 5" 11"
Weight: 135lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Natasha Chekov
Father: Vladimir Chekov
Sister: Yvette Sancho Chekov
Brother: Yuri Evo Chekov
Marital Status: Single  
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Anelia’s appearance is very deceiving. Even though her build is slender, she is athletically strong and agile. She works out daily in the weight room plus she teaches a class in Sh’Kasa, Vulcan style yoga, which is part mediation and part focusing methods when doing various postures.  She also practices her own brand of martial arts, which combines the principles of yang and yang.

Her hair is jet black with piercing green eyes.  She is attractive with an even smooth complexion with a hint of a tan.  She moves with a grace of a cat. Personality: Anelia Chekov can be very demanding to others, as well as on herself when it comes to job performance.  Even when she teaches the Vulcan yoga, which is performed in a very vaporous environmental setting, her demand boarders on perfectionism.

When she is not on the job or teaching her demeanor changes.  She likes going out with friends to movies or a good play, or staying at home cooking Japanese food for them. She loves to read Old Russian poets and novelist when time permits, which is not that often.  She is devoted to her family, calling them as much as possible, especially to her sister Yvette.  Anelia is also very talented in linguistics having mastered all the European dialects plus most Asian and South American.

History: Anelia Chekov was born in a small resort town of Varna situated on the shore of the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Her parents Vladimir and Natasha Chekov were originally from St. Petersburg Russia.  They moved to Varna when Vladimir, who is an aerospace designer, was offered a job designing Federation deep space probes.  His grandfather was a legendary crewmember of the USS Enterprise, Pavel Chekov.

Her mother Natasha is an actress of stage and film.  Natasha’s family has a long history of being in the entertainment industry starting back in the late Twentieth Century when her famous great-great grandmother Anelia D. ventured to Los Angles to start a career in the film industry.

Both parents wanted Anelia to pursue a career of their choice. She was torn between pleasing her mother and going into the entertainment industry or pleasing her father and pursue a career in the space industry.

As fate would have it, Anelia offered to drive a friend to a Starfleet recruitment center in Sofia, Bulgaria.  While waiting for her friend, she toured the center and found herself captivated by what she saw.  But what sealed the deal for her was when she over heard two alien species converse.  Having a gift in linguistics she was able to partially understand what they were talking about. Her choice to join Starfleet was finalized.

Her parents had mixed emotions about her decision.  Her father was delighted, but her mother was somewhat disappointed.  Nevertheless, she stood by her daughter’s judgment and embraced her chosen path. For the next four years Anelia studied hard and earned some top honors for her efforts at Starfleet Academy, however, the demands she placed on herself had taken a toll. She took a month leave of absents and went back home to Bulgaria to be with her family.  She was delighted to be with her sister, Yvette, again.

Once back at Starfleet, she dove into her studies. Because of her linguistic talents and her penchant for physical work, they offered her a position as a security officer in the diplomatic sector.

Upon graduation, she was assigned to the USS CUBA, a diplomatic courier for two years before her transfer to USS PHOENIX.