Name: Lieutenant Commander Kora Natevera, MD

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Birth World: Commular

Age: 34 (October 26, 2285)

Personal Data:

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 110 lbs

Sex: Female

Hair: Light auburn, shoulder length, usually worn in French Braid

Eyes: Hazel

Race: Humanoid

Immediate Family:

Mother: Nefretaria, third daughter of Ishanauten. (Believed deceased)

Father: Homazen IV, ruler of Commular (Believed deceased)

Sister: Kara, twin to Kora. (Believed deceased)

Adoptive Parents:

Father: David Natevera, Scientist-Physician consultant to Star Fleet

Mother: Sheila Adams-Natevera, Physician-Surgeon- Specialist in alien medicine, consultant to Star Fleet

Marital Status Widowed

Children None

Physical Appearance: Even though small in stature and petite, Kora is surprisingly strong and agile due to frequent trips to Star Fleet gyms. She has studied every form of self-defense and is especially proficient in the martial arts. She seldom wears make-up and prefers little jewelry, stating often that perfume blocks the sense of smell and jewelry is only a source of aggravation when sterilizing hands before treating a patient. She is known to say: "All I need is to have a patient come back to me, after I have worked on him, complaining of complications caused by an earring that fell in while I was operating." She insists that her staff also wear minimal jewelry, especially earrings and rings.

Personality: Because of her background and personal history, Kora has a strong sense of duty and is dedicated to her work. Yet she is known to be somewhat of a rogue, finding no difficulty in bending or even breaking rules in order to protect either her patients or the crew. She expects the best from her staff, as she believes all her patients deserve the best.

Personal History: In the Commularian year of 381 (2285 Federation time), the Pharaoh Homazen IV and his queen Nefretaria gave birth to twin girls. The eldest Kara was born five minutes before the youngest, Kora. The twins were born during a difficult time in Commular.

The Commularian Empire was being besieged by marauders from outside the empire and torn apart by dissention from within. As is usual, the children were taken from their parents at the tender age of five and underwent a trial to determine which would rule. Kora was chosen over her sister, who was returned to the parents. Kora was sent to the priests for military training as well as education in science and medicine. Unfortunately, when she turned eight, civil war broke out and to protect Kora from the inevitable coup she was secreted out of the palace and sent out of the empire accompanied by her elderly tutors. Four years later, her ship entered the Milky Way galaxy and Federation space. They came upon the USS HOOD, which then brought them to Federation Headquarters. After a year in Star Fleet Headquarters, Kora was placed in the foster home of David and Sheila Natevera who eventually adopted her.

At the age of sixteen, she entered Star Fleet Academy where she excelled and caught the attention of Admiral Leonard McCoy who sponsored her while she was in Star Fleet Medical.

She graduated with top honors and was assigned to the very ship that brought her to Federation headquarters, the USS HOOD. After her tour of duty on board the HOOD was completed, she was then assigned to the FOSTER, a science/research vessel. She was next assigned to the EXCALIBUR, where she met and married her late husband Dr. Thomas Dubois MD, a marine physician. He was killed in a shuttle accident. Heartbroken, Kora resigned her commission to take a position at Star Fleet Medical. In 2318, she was recalled to duty by Admiral Daniel Evans, Third Fleet Headquarters, to serve as CMO of the USS PHOENIX upon the departure of LCDR Jana Gordon-Dodge.