Monroe.jpg (108570 bytes) Name: Ensign Myra Monroe
Position: Science Lab Technician
Birth world: Central City, Alpha Centauri, Southern Hemisphere
Age: 25 Standard Earth Years (2286)

Personal Data:

Height: 5’7".
Weight: 125 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Dorothy Alice Monroe
Father: Hugh Donald Monroe
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Myra is of an average height. Her dark brown hair is worn shoulder length. Her brown eyes are bright with intelligence, and they tend to sparkle when she’s feeling mischievous or is happy.

Her skin is a natural bronze, a color that most light skinned humans’ envy because she looks as though she has a very healthily tan. She never sunburns.

Myra’s hands are slender, her fingers long, supple, and dexterous. She’s very good in the lab.

Personality: Myra tends to be quiet and introspective, though she enjoys a good joke every now and then. She gets pretty single minded about her work, and when she’s concentrating on a problem she tends to tune everything out around her. Her coworkers have long since learned that if they want to talk to her while she’s working, they very nearly have to make her focus on them to get her to hear. She’s earned the nickname "Automaton" because of it.

Myra doesn’t reach out to others easily because of her quiet nature, but she can be drawn in. Once she’s interested in something, she rarely lets go of it, and that includes her relationships with others.

Other Pertinent Data: Myra is an animal lover. As a child growing up on Alpha Centauri, she had a variety of pets - birds, small mammals, fish, and two dogs. Her mother frequently complained that if she let her, Myra would turn the house into a zoo.

Myra also enjoys swimming, but her dearest love is snow skiing. During the winter months on Alpha Centauri, if you didn’t know where she was, you only had to look to the slopes. Not being able to ski is the one thing about starship duty Myra doesn’t care for.

History: Born April 12, 2286, Myra grew up in Central City located squarely in the middle of the southern continent of the eastern hemisphere of Alpha Centauri. She’s a city girl at heart, and her parents saw to it that she had frequent trips to a wide variety of museums and parks located in the city from a very tender age.

Her parents had hoped that Myra would embrace a classical education in the refined arts, but it wasn’t to be. While Myra enjoyed everything her parents did with her, her first love was getting messy and figuring out how and why things worked or did what they did. Despite her parents’ best efforts, Myra was completely captivated by the world of the sciences, and the messier the better. She’s never more at home than when inside a science laboratory of some kind.

After graduating from the Academy, Myra did a year’s internship at the Mars City Science Institute. She served two years on the USS Houston following that. Currently she is assigned to the USS Phoenix under Captain Talon Steele.