Michaels.jpg (88335 bytes) Name: Lieutenant Sean Michaels
Position: Security Officer
Birth World: Terra
Age: 31

Personal Data:

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 198 lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair: Sun Streaked Brown
Eyes: Sky blue
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Father: Seamus Michaels, Texan rancher; raises horses and cattle
Mother: Bethany Michaels nee McErlain
Brothers: Seamus, Jr., 34, married to Susan Michaels nee Harvey, son Colin, 14 and daughter Julie, 8; Brendan 24, married to Jane Michaels nee Davis, daughter Mary, 10, Jamie 20, single; Connor, 18.
Sisters: Samantha, 28, married to Hank Wellerby, son Michael, 12, daughter Christine, 9; Michelle, 16, baby of the family and tomboy who adores her older brother Sean.

Physical Appearance: Sean likes to wear his sun-streaked brown hair slightly long and just touching the top of his tunic collar. His pale blue eyes are fringed by dark lashes and fine laugh lines have formed from a combination of his constant smiles and time spent back working on his fatherís ranch during numerous shore leaves. He looks trim and fit in his Starfleet uniform but his off duty attire of tight-fitting, well worn jeans and blue chambray shirts and slightly scuffed black cowboy boots show off his lean, rangy figure to an eye-stopping effect. The black Stetson that hangs on the bulkhead of his quarters completes his down home look but is saved for shore leaves only.

Personality: Sean speaks with a slow Texan drawl, is easy-tempered most of the time but can turn on a dime when someone he holds dear is threatened and then his temper is something to behold. Heís gregarious and enjoys times spent in The Nest hoisting back cold beers and sharing a good laugh or story. While working, Sean is totally focused on the job and a team player. He is happy serving in Starfleet although he looks forward to the times he can get back home to be among his large family. The second oldest of seven children, Sean is rather laid back but aware of his responsibilities both to Starfleet and his family. He communicates with his parents and various brothers, sisters and their spouses and various offspring.

Other Pertinent Data: Sean loves to dance and never misses a chance to do an old-fashioned two-step when the music begins. He also has a lovely singing voice but as of yet, it hasnít been heard outside the shower onboard ship. He likes to read, especially spy thrillers or murder mysteries. His quarters contain several bookshelves to hold his books, family holos and personal mementos collected during various missions and shore leaves.

History: Sean grew up on Terra with his parents, Seamus and Bethany Michaels. Seamus owns a sizable cattle ranch in Dallas, Texas. The 100,000-acre spread has been in their family for generations. While Sean is the second eldest son, his love for Starfleet still met with gentle resistance from his parents. They soon realized, however, that the son they raised to be independent thinking was using that ability to chart out his future. His older brother, Seamus Jr and younger brothers Brendan, Jamie and Connor help run the family ranch and tease their "star" struck brother whenever heís home on leave. His sisters Samantha and Michelle also reside on the huge ranch. They along with their sister-in-laws and the various nieces and nephews are all involved in the daily life of ranching.

Sean began his career on the U.S.S. Clark. As an Ensign, he distinguished himself by being awarded a field commission of LTJG for his heroic actions on an Away Mission to the planet Zylon V. During the commission of his duties, Ensign Michaels was involved in the rescue of himself, Marine Joe MacIntyre and an archeological team of four Zylons from an unstable area being investigated as a possible site of a future water purification center for the arid desert dwellers.

As a result of this "adventure" together, Sean and Joe formed a lasting friendship. Seeing each other at their worst and best, forged a bond that hasnít been broken over their eight year friendship in spite of receiving different orders that separated them soon after their initial stint working together.

Sean currently is assigned to the U.S.S. Phoenix as a Security Officer. For the time being, heís rooming with his old pal Joe MacIntyre but should soon be assigned his new quarters among the rest of his fellow Starfleet crewmembers.