Name: Lieutenant T’Ayia Llire
Position: Senior Engineering Officer
Birthworld: Planet M-113
Age: 101 Stanard Terran Years/51 Vulcan Years

Personal Data:

Height: 5’9"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Sex: Female
Eyes: Black
Race: Vulcan-Romulan/Antosian

Immediate Family:

Mother: Ambassador Amb Llire Ner Napa
Father: Soral of Vulcan
Sister: T’Azar
Marital Status: Unbonded
Children: None

Personality: Gives the impression of being as professional and logical as her background allows her to be, but among her closer acquaintances, T'Aiya is known to have an unusual sense of humor. T'Aiya's Vulcan and Antosian influence are not compatible and have occasionally resulted in unstable and unpredictable actions. In spite of her Romulan heritage, she holds a deep distrust of Romulans due to experiences from her past. Access to the files detailing these experiences is granted on a need to know basis.

Other Pertinent Data: It has been verified via classified communications that T'Aiya has a twin sister residing in Romulan space by the name of T'Azar. There is no further information about T'Azar at this time.

History: Born on the planet known as M-113. T'Aiya was brought to Vulcan by a Starfleet research team. Although not full Vulcan, T'Aiya was granted Vulcan citizenship. Her parents, Ambassador Llire Ner Napa of Antos IV and Soral of Vulcan, were both killed during an anthropological research expedition on M-113.

At the time of Ner Napa's death, Neila, a small shapeshifter and companion to Ner Napa, completed its symbiotic link with T'Aiya, per Antosian customs and traditions. It is suspected that Ambassador Napa did teach her daughter the secrets of cellular metamorphosis, but true to the custom of Dorafane/Antos IVs, T'Aiya never revealed any information on the art. Lieutenant T’Ayia Llire serves aboard the USS PHOENIX as Senior Engineer.