Name: Lieutenant Atira Christanta Lann
Position: Senior Nurse
Birth world: Born aboard USV (United Federation Planets Space Vessel) Hopewell LGE-124. Vessel of Lann Galactic Enterprises, a Federation Trading enterprise owned by the extended Lann Enterprise family for several generations.
Age: 30 (June 25, 2290)

Personal Data:

Height: 6"
Weight: 159 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark Copper
Eyes: Deep Sea Green
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Father: Nathan Lann
Mother: Chahandra Lann
Siblings: Baratan Lann - 33
                Navar Lann - 28
                Pastric Lann 26
                T-Rana Lann (Adopted Vulcan 29)
                Netria (Adopted Human 20)
                Siana (Adopted Andorian 14)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Tall and slender though well muscled through training and hard work growing up on a trading ship.

Personality: Quiet and somewhat shy, but very true to her friends. She is accepting of all xeno-species both from having adopted siblings and growing up visiting a wide variety of worlds.

History: Atira is from a variety of ethnic heritages including British Isles, Japan, Native American. Her height and green eyes are from a variety of Celtic families through the centuries, but she has the angular bone structure of the Native American (Cherokee) ancestor in her family.

Atira is especially close to TRana, who was adopted when Atira was three-years-old.

Although Atira is certified in a number of fields useful in Starship duty. Because of her upbringing on a space going vessel, she followed her mother into the field of medicine, as Chahandra was a physician and researcher.

Atira entered Starfleet Academy at age 17. She was posted to the USS MARRON, USS KiINGSTON and transferred to the USS PHOENIX as Senior Nurse.

One item of interest is that through her Japanese ancestry, she is a very distant cousin of the well known Hikaru Sulu who served aboard the ENTERPRISE NCC 1701.