Hayworth.jpg (84398 bytes) Name: Lieutenant JG Natalie Hayworth
Position: Social Sciences Officer
Birth world: Salmon, Idaho Northern Hemisphere, Earth
Age: 27 Standard Earth Years (2288)

Personal Data:

Height: 5’7"
Weight: 123 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Jacqueline "Nettie" Rogers
Father: Matthew A. Hayworth
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Natalie is of an average height. Her warm, auburn hair is usually worn in a style that comes to just above her collar. She has full lips that are usually poised for a ready smile. Her dark brown eyes are her most expressive feature, shading to nearly black when she’s angry, or become as warm as a summer day when she’s happy.

Personality: Natalie is very gregarious and loves being around people - especially people she doesn’t know. The word ‘shy’ is not in her vocabulary. She has a way about her that tends to draw out even the most reticent of conversationalists, and others enjoy being around her. While at the Academy, she amazed everyone by holding an animated conversation with a group of Vulcan visitors, visitors that continually sought her out thereafter. Natalie makes friends easily, even with the most difficult of personality types.

Other Pertinent Data: She adores fruit of any kind, and is a healthy snacker. . . though it’s not unusual to see her dip a banana into chocolate. She’s also a closet chocoholic. Natalie usually has some kind of fruit sitting on her desk during the workday. Natalie also enjoys music and a lovely singing voice as well. She’s used that voice to charm strangers on more than one occasion. In fact, if she can get her fellow officers involved in a rousing sing-a-long, she’s as happy as a lark.

History: Born July 31, 2288, Natalie grew up in the Idaho panhandle town of Salmon, Idaho. Her father taught her the finer points of deer and elk hunting during the fall, and the two could frequently be found on the river with their fishing poles during the annual steelhead runs.

Mr. Hayworth also ran a river rafting business, and knowing his daughter had a way about her for drawing people to her, quickly employed the young girl in his business. The Hayworths’ never lacked for business.

Natalie’s mother, Nettie, who divorced her father when the girl was twelve, saw to it that she had a good education, gently steering her daughter toward the social sciences. Her reasoning being that anyone who was as good with people as Natalie was, would probably absorb the science like a sponge. Nettie turned out to be right.

At eighteen, Natalie entered Starfleet Academy more on a whim than anything else. She was always a topnotch student, and the Academy recruiters were pleased to get her. Once there, however, Natalie discovered that her natural abilities made her fit right in with beings of non-human species. The new environment fascinated her. She never regretted her career choice after that.

LTJG Natalie Hayworth has had two prior postings to the Phoenix, one on Starbase Nova I and the other on an Intrepid class vessel, the USS Charleston.