Hawk.jpg (108408 bytes) Name: Lieutenant  Commander Stringfellow Hawk
Position: Chief Logistics Officer
Birth World: Helva IV
Age: 40 Earth Years (2275)

Personal Data:

Height: 6’ 5"
Weight: 300 lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Steel Blue
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Gaylynne Robinson Hawk
Father: Dreamcatcher Hawk
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Intimidating is the best word to describe Stringfellow Hawk. His barrel chest, huge biceps, and piercing blue eyes are overpowering. His rumbling voice sounds as if he were speaking from the bottom of a barrel. He was born without facial hair of any kind.

Personality: In contrast to his physical appearance, Hawk is a gentle, considerate, compassionate, and non-violent individual. Highly intelligent with a flair for organization, Stringfellow is well known throughout Starfleet for his literary abilities. He is nearly impossible to goad into anger, but, if pushed too far, turns into a cold-blooded animal. He is seldom pushed that far.

Other Pertinent Data: His nickname is "Bear."

History: Born on a heavy-world planet, Hawk is a typical Helvian. His mother and father ran a wilderness outfitting company catering to the adventurous. He grew up in the outdoors, hiking, hunting, tracking wild game, and running the impressive rapids of the local rivers. Early on, his parents discovered that he had administrative talent. By the time he was 12, Hawk had taken over the paperwork for his parents’ company. Although he was fairly content, the stars kept getting in the way. Every night he would look through his telescope and wonder what it was like to see other planets, visit other places, and meet different species.

His cousin goaded him into taking the examination for Starfleet Academy. To everyone’s surprise but Stringfellow’s, he passed with flying colors. His four years in Starfleet Academy were a breeze. His size kept him from being hazed like others, and his natural intelligence helped him keep his grades up without much studying. His organizational skills were recognized early on and he was naturally steered toward a career in logistics.

His first assignment after graduation was to a tender, USS GAMMAR AMAR IV (NCC 6523) as Stores Officer. By the time he was transferred to Starbase Columbia as Assistant Logistics Officer, he had been promoted to LT. Stringfellow took the lessons he had learned from his starship tour and completely reorganized the logistics procedures. Two years into his assignment, the Inspector General’s Office came to the Starbase for a comprehensive inspection. Before the inspection team left, Stringfellow had been awarded a Starfleet Meritorious Service Medal for "innovative logistical support procedures." His procedures were implemented throughout Starfleet and saved millions of credits the very first year.

Stringfellow was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and offered his choice of assignments. As soon as he discovered USS PHOENIX was short a Chief Logistics Officer, he made his choice.