Gladstone.jpg (115380 bytes) Name: Ensign Whitney Catherine Gladstone
Position: Lab Technician
Birth World: Earth. New Rochester, New York
Age:25 Standard Earth Years (2290)

Personal Data:

Weight: 110 lbs
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark. Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Race: Human (African/American)

Immediate Family:

Mother: LT Catherine Stevens Gladstone, ex-Starfleet Engineer
Father: Jacob E. Gladstone Minister, Episcopal Church of New York
Sisters: Ameka R. Gladstone (deceased)
              Shalana P. Gladstone (deceased)
Brothers: David W. Gladstone (deceased)
                Chamal K. Gladstone (deceased)
                Allan Gladstone (deceased)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Physical Appearance: Though petite, Ensign Gladstone is very strong, having made it her life ambition to earn the Orion title of Lucheni, Master of Strength and Cunning, which she accomplished one year before joining the PHOENIX. She is friendly; her two, deep dimples coming to light when she smiles. Her hair is always worn short, so it is easy to care for as she disapproves of the braids and weavings worn by others of her ethnic background.

Personality: Whitney, was a choir member most of her life, and loved to sing any and all kinds of music. She has a good sense of humor and sense of fun, yet is very serious when it comes to her work. Whitney has a very strong character due to the loss of her brothers and sisters when she was five years old. She enjoys painting, ceramics, weaving rugs, and cooking. She plays tennis, loves to swim, and has won many swimming competitions.

Other Pertinent Data: Whitney Gladstone became interested in nursing after attending a high school job fair and listening to the speaker, Admiral Leonard McCoy. She became intrigued not only by medicine, but by Starfleet itself.

She enjoys tinkering with gadgets. Her father taught her his hobby of electronics, putting together and taking apart tricorders, communication consoles…anything with wires.

History: The youngest of six children, Whitney’s parents moved her and her siblings to the planet Thessa Three in the Orion system. LT Catherine Gladstone was a Starfleet engineer assigned to help the geologists mine dilithium crystals and gold from the bowels of the planet when an accident occurred in the mining shaft. A spark ignited the deadly gases in the mine, causing an explosion. As a result of the explosion, one fourth of the planet was blown away, with a resulting loss of the atmosphere, killing all of the colonists on Thessa Three. Catherine Gladstone, who was overseeing the mining operations from a shuttlecraft, looked on in horror as the planet exploded into a ball of white-hot flames. Five of her children were lost, as they were attending school, which was located eight miles from the mine. Jacob Gladstone had taken his youngest daughter to visit his mother back on Earth and knew nothing of the tragedy. Over 200 colonists lost their lives in that disaster.

LT Catherine Gladstone resigned her commission and retired to private life to bring up her only remaining child. They moved back to New Rochester where Jacob set up his church and brought his daughter up in a deep religious background.

When Whitney made the decision that she wanted to go into space and join Starfleet, she was met by fierce opposition from her mother, who feared losing her only child. Yet, despite all the misgivings, Catherine finally allowed her to try for Starfleet. Whitney’s choice of career was nursing and she graduated with top honors from the Academy. She constantly improves her medical knowledge and skills by taking computer courses.