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Name: Lieutenant Timothy Frogue
Position: Ship Psychologist
Birth world: Earth, San Francisco, CA
Age 36 (Born 2288)

Personal Data:

Height: 5’7"
Weight: 175
Sex: Male
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Race: Human

Immediate Family Members:

Mother: Natasha Frogue
Father: Captain Roger Frogue-stationed at Federation H.Q. Personnel.
Siblings: No brothers or sisters.
Marital Status: Single.
Children: None

Physical Appearance: JG Frogue is a medium sized man. His blond hair is short. When on duty his uniform is always pressed and clean. He likes to wear a Doctor’s white medical coat. He is a good looking man but carries himself in a way that clearly establishes that he is not looking for romance.

Personality: Frogue is intelligent, focused, nice, yet not as open to people he does not know as it would appear later when he is your friend. Timothy Frogue loves a good mystery and has read every mystery novel he can get his hands on. Frogue would rather talk to people about their problems than his. He is not known to have a temper without very good cause.

Other Personal Data: JG Frogue holds a medical degree and has a Master’s degree in psychology. He speaks better English than any other languages but he can stumble his way through certain other languages. Believes in no higher power and believes that science is absolute. However, he does understand how to help someone in their darkest hour.

History: Timothy Frogue grew up in San Francisco. His mother never entered the Federation but his dad did at the age of 18. His dad excelled in the art of engineering and served on two different ships, including the USS Lionheart under the Command of Captain Thomas Miller.

JG Frogue’s parents knew that he was going to be in some sort of medical career because even as a small child, Frogue would talk to his friends about their problems and even played match maker a few times.

In 2307 he submitted his application to Star-Fleet Academy. Once accepted he obtained his medical degree. After which he pursued a Master’s degree in Psychology.

In 2316, Frogue took a transfer to Star Fleet HQ Personnel where he has served ever since.

After obtaining his degree he accepted a position at Star-Fleet H.Q. in the Medical Department. He served there for a little over a year when he received orders to transfer to the USS PHOENIX. Like or not, that is where he was going.

Tim returned to TFHQ for further duties after his last mission aboard the USS PHOENIX. He was transferred back to the PHOENIX upon LT McDonald’s leaving.