evans.jpg (49379 bytes) Name: Fleet Admiral Daniel Evans
Position: Commander, Third Fleet
Birthworld: Martian Colonies
Age: 63 Standard Earth Years

Personal Data

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 200
Sex: Male
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Jayli Armstrong
Father: Josephus Daniel Evans

 Physical Appearance: Of average height and weight, Daniel Evans looks more like someone’s loveable grandfather than a Fleet Admiral. The indelible laugh lines around his eyes and the ever-present, enigmatic smile has lured many into thinking him harmless—an assumption far from the truth.

Personality: Daniel is quick to laugh, whether it’s at the world, someone else, or himself. He firmly believes that life is fun and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Intensely loyal to his friends, he is equally ruthless toward his enemies. He cannot abide a "yes-man," preferring his subordinates to stand behind their convictions and offer him their opinions. As he told one young officer, "It’s alright to make a mistake, it is not alright to make the same one twice."

Other Pertinent Data: Fleet Admiral Daniel Evans is Captain Talon Steele’s godfather and is "allowed" (as he describes it) to share his living quarters on the space station Flying Cloud with Steele’s black panther, Jade.

History: Fresh out of Starfleet Academy, Daniel Evans was assigned to the destroyer USS HILL (NCC-1121) as Assistant Weapons Officer, where his uncanny abilities with phasers and photon torpedoes earned him the nickname "DeadEye Dan." He was quickly promoted to Weapons Officer and earned the ship several Battle Efficiency Awards. Following his tour on USS HILL, Evans was transferred to the light cruiser USS ALUDRA (NCC-619) as Assistant Operations Officer. On a routine patrol near Betelgeuse, the ALUDRA responded to a Mayday from the cruise ship Caledonia, which had struck a gravitic mine and was heavily damaged. Evans was put aboard the ship to head up the recovery team. Working under the most arduous and dangerous conditions, Evans was able to safely bring the ship and its 1,000 passengers into the space dock orbiting Betelgeuse. As a Lieutenant Commander, Evans was sent to be the First Officer on another destroyer, USS WAINWRIGHT (NCC-1120), sister ship to the HILL. From there he went to Second Fleet Headquarters as Operations Officer, then to the heavy cruiser USS RESELOUTE (NCC-1960) as Commanding Officer. Evans was promoted to Rear Admiral and sent to the staff of Third Fleet as Chief of Staff. He left there after only three years and became the Commandant of Third Fleet Academy on Enya. When Fleet Admiral Dat Nguyen was lost in a freak transporter accident, Daniel Evans was promoted to Fleet Admiral and assigned as Commander, Third Fleet.