Name: Lieutenant JG Jonathan Richard Drake
Position: Lab DNA Specialist
Birth world: Phoenix, Arizona, North American Continent, Earth
Age: 33 Standard Earth Years (2275)

Personal Data:

Height: 6'3".
Weight: 205 lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Florence Marie Drake
Father: Richard James Drake
Marital Status: Single/Divorced
Children: Daughter: Kayla Danielle (Age 10)

Physical Appearance: LT Jonathan Drake has a tall, muscular build, a physique he maintains by strenuous workouts. He's a little vain about his appearance, so he rarely misses an exercise session. He enjoys a challenge in his workouts, and welcomes sparring partners should the opportunity present itself.

Jonathan's eyes are a deep blue, his face strong and handsome.

Personality: Jonathan Drake has a gregarious, outgoing nature. He rarely has trouble making friends, and he is quite easy to get along with. As a physician, he's a strong believer in large doses of common sense, sprinkled with a touch of "magic" - a whimsy that has gotten him on the wrong side of some of his more serious minded colleagues.

His one pet peeve is being around people who seem to take great delight in making othersmiserable. He has very little tolerance for that sort of thing.

Jonathan's bedside manner is compassionate, liberally sprinkled with his sense of humor. He believes laughter is the best medicine, even if his patients are on their deathbeds. If his patients have no chance of survival, Jonathan does his best to see that what small bit of life that is left is as painless and cheerful as possible. He hates losing patients, but he's also a realist when it comes to medicine, accepting that he has his limitations. But those limitations do not keep him from seeking ways to limit his limitations.

Other Pertinent Data: LT Drake is endlessly fascinated by the variety of races he has encountered during his stint in Starfleet. He is especially fascinated by people born of mixed species. As a result, he has spent a great deal of time studying the hybrid offspring of many interracial marriages, noting with interest that most of the children have biological and cultural differences that even surprise the parents.

Drake enjoys socializing with his friends, and is not above getting cheerfully inebriated if he thinks an occasion calls for it. He loves women, but has somehow managedto keep from being labeled a womanizer, much to his surprise.

History: On September 21, 2282, Jonathan Richard Drake was born. He was the second child, but the first son, of Florence and Richard Drake. Florence is a physician, and when her son displayed an interest in her career, she happily indulged his every question.

On September 3, 2305, the twenty-five year old Jonathan entered Harvard Medical School. Six months later, he married one of his classmates. Tracy Michelle Drake and Jonathan got on well, at first, but the coming of their first and only child put a strain ontheir relationship. Tracy ended up dropping out of medical school to raise the child, and her resentment of this state of affairs put a speedy end to their marriage. However,Jonathan managed to survive this personal tragedy. He threw himself even harder into his work after Tracy left him. His grades and performance were exemplary, and on June 4, 2310, he graduated with honors. His grades and professorial recommendations caughtthe attention of Starfleet, and a month later, he found himself at the Starfleet Officers'Candidate School.

Jonathan did as well there as he ever had in school, and he was immediately posted on the starship USS GEORGE W. BUSH as the junior physician. He enjoyed his posting there, thoroughly, discovering his interest in xenobiology. He became quite knowledgeable in the anatomies of several different species while aboard the USS GEORGE W. BUSH.

Drake has just recently joined the crew of the PHOENIX. He was promoted to lieutenant while still aboard the USS GEORGE W. BUSH, and was then quickly transferred to the USS PHOENIX under Captain Talon Steele. His first duty was to see to the injured crew after Starbase Flying Cloud and the starship USS PHOENIX came under attack by the Jirzzaque of the First Confederacy.