Name: Lieutenant D誰avras
Position: Gamma Shift Engineering Officer
Place of Birth: Orion Freighter, Blood Pearl
Birthdate: October 25, 2299

Personal Data:

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Race: Orion

Immediate Family:

Father: Dareen-Nib
Mother: Mobyan
Marital Status: Single

Physical Appearance: D誰avras is a very alluring Orion. Her hourglass figure shows through the standard uniform. She wears her long black hair in a braid when on duty, but lets it loose off duty. She never dresses provocatively, but is the type of woman that could make a burlap sack look sexy.

Personality: D誰avras is very aware of the affect she has on men. It is one of the reasons why she prefers to work Gamma Shift; the atmosphere is less by-the-book at starship "night". D誰avras works very hard to make sure that her crew and fellow shipmates know her for her brains, engineering expertise, and work ethic. She does NOT mix work and pleasure, however, when off duty, she is a very fun person to be around. Although flirtatious by nature, she adamantly refuses to date anyone in her department. She is completely fascinated by all things mechanical.

History: Lieutenant D誰avras痴 father is the quintessential Orion Pirate. A mid level operative in the Orion Syndicate, Dareen-Nib runs a very profitable business from his ship the Blood Pearl. D誰avras is the oldest child of Dareen-Nib and his alpha female, Mobyan. Dareen-Nib could care less for his female offspring, educating only his male heirs. He kept the females around for their potential profit when they reached sexual maturity. D誰avras has always been fascinated by engines and would often spend her days down in Engineering watching the engineer. The engineer, hoping to win influence with his captain痴 alpha female, was always nice to D誰avras and answered her every question. D誰avras became very familiar with the operation of warp drives before she reached the age of 14. Before she left the Blood Pearl she was a competent engineer痴 assistant.

At the age of 16, D誰avras was sold to Captain Yrag-Sep, netting her father a handsome profit. Yrag-Sep was a little higher up in the syndicate痴 hierarchy, but not nearly as solicitous as the engineer on the Blood Pearl or her father for that matter. One day after a severe beating by Yrag-Sep, and then another at the hands at the hands of Nasus, his alpha female, D誰avras had enough. Late one night while the ship was in port, D誰avras hacked her captain痴 computer records and contacted the Federation. Rescued by an unnamed agent of an unnamed organization, D誰avras bartered her information for political amnesty. When asked what she wanted to do with her new-found freedom, D誰avras expressed her interest in all things mechanical. This unnamed agent seeing potential in her contacted some friends in Starfleet and had D誰avras sponsored to the Academy. To the surprise of everyone but the agent, D誰avras excelled.

After a brief tour of duty on the USS Wyatt Earp, Lt. D誰avras was asked personally by Commander QaS to come to Phoenix as the Gamma Shift Leader.