Chubb.jpg (116600 bytes) Name:Lieutenant Chubb
Position: Food Officer
Birth world: Deneb
Age: 27 (2288)

Personal Data:

Height: 5’10"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Bor Sav
Father: Bor Nev
Marital Status: Single

Physical Appearance: LT Chubb is a big boned individual. He looks like a fur ball, with a round face. Despite his great girth, Chubb is very quick and very strong. He usually has a goofy smile.

Personality: Chubb lives to cook and eat. Every food is his favorite, except liver. He has mastered the culinary arts and has accumulated 1025 terraquads of food related data. Chubb is usually happy and optimistic, but can be nervous or anxious at times. He usually has a snack nearby and will munch when he is afraid. Chubb can be very brave when he wants to be, but is very humble about it. He is also extremely generous and thoughtful and will always offer bites to others. He is a perfectionist regarding food and security, but can be scatterbrained about other things. His supervisors tend to let him do his own thing, because the job will get done, but how Chubb does it could drive a boss insane. Despite being goofy, Chubb can be very insightful and others will share their difficulties with him.

Other Pertinent Data: LT Chubb has attended the prestigious Academie de Cuisine on Planet Gourmandia. He was awarded for bravery three times while serving aboard the USS SARATOGA.

History: LT Chubb was born on Deneb and given up for adoption. As an infant, the famous engineer, Bor Sav and his wife adopted Chubb. As a boy, he developed a love of food and would shadow his father, dreaming up better cooking equipment. In 2299, Bor Sav invented a new and more efficient food replicator. Starfleet accepted the system in 2301 and Chubb was inspired to join the team. In 2306, he joined the plebe class at Starfleet Academy. Chubb was a mediocre student, but got along with everyone. Despite his desire to enter food service, he was placed in security.

Chubb was posted the USS SARATOGA, a heavy frigate. Immediately, he was drawn up into the Tomed Incident. During the hunt for the stolen Battlecruiser USS BISMARCK, he bravely led an assault team in repelling boarders. Later, he led a security team in apprehending a homicide suspect, thus clearing a fellow crewmember of the crime. Chubb also assisted in the rescue of lost crewmen, who were being attacked by hostile life forms. Chubb’s bear-like strength held back the hostiles while the crew was saved. However, he was once verbally reprimanded for using the ship’s mainframe computer to store his prodigious culinary data.

All of this action kept Chubb away from his first love: food. Although he learned a great deal about preparation and storage, he needed to know more about ascetics. He was able to attend the highly touted Academie de Cuisine, where he earned his white chef’s hat. In 2315, he was granted a transfer to the USS PHOENIX. Having reported to the PHOENIX, he quickly squared away "his" galley. His dream is to one day prepare dinner for the Federation President. Until that day, he is content to cater weddings, picnics, and awards ceremonies.