cally.jpg (78120 bytes) Name: Lieutenant Uma Cally
Position: Life Sciences Officer
Birth World: Mars
Age: 28 Standard Earth Years

Personal Data:

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue and slightly slanted
Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: Alea Solanga Cally, Professional singer of Country & Western music
Father: Seth Cally, Professional Violinist, Country & Western music
Brother: Solei Cally, Veterinarian
Sister: Leah Cally, Pediatrician


Physical Appearance: Lieutenant Cally is tall and statuesque in build. She is muscular from her daily workout and dancing but gently curvaceous. Her appearance is a bit startling at first because of her coloring. She inherited her motherís oriental skin tones and slightly slanted eyes but her fatherís startling light blue eyes. Graceful, she almost seems to glide rather than walk; that is when sheís not running!

Personality: From the beginning, Uma had a mind of her own and a stubborn will that both delighted and annoyed her parents at times. First off, from the time she could speak, the precocious child announced her hatred of her given name and demanded to be called just Cally! The nickname stuck and by the time Uma made her decision to seek a career in Starfleet, sheíd grown into the habit of introducing herself as Uma Cally, but please call me Cally! Uma has a bubbly personality and is rarely down in the dumps. She does have her serious moments though, especially when working. She loves her duties as the shipís Life Sciences Officer and likes her coworkers. She has a good relationship with her department head and likes Lieutenant Commander TíPrelís Vulcan work ethics and logical mind. They seem to get together well in spite of Umaís high spirits and TíPrelís seemingly pedantic attitude.

Other Pertinent Data: Cally loves to bowl. She also loves Salsa dancing and the more traditional dances of her motherís Polynesian heritage. Cally also enjoys reading and has a penchant for murder mysteries.

History: Uma is the youngest child of Seth and Alea Cally. Born on Mars she was raised to honor the traditions of both of her heritages. Her father Seth was born and raised on Terra. One of five children, he astounded his parents, Caleb and Emily Cally and siblings when he made clear his intentions to live the life of a traveling musician. Trained as a concert violinist, he turned his back on that life and decided heíd rather travel around the universe and earn his keep by playing music he loved rather than the formal pieces heíd been schooled in nearly all his life. Although his parents werenít especially happy with Sethís decision, they nonetheless, honored his wishes and sent him off with a hefty amount of credits in order to get him started. Seth took the money but kept it only as a back up should his career not take off as planned. However, when Seth played his music, it was as if the angels themselves guided his hands. He mesmerized his audiences with haunting renditions of music he wrote and music he learned as he traveled. Soon, his name became well known and his concerts sold out every night.

Alea Solonga grew up the only child of Tran and Kika Solonga. She lived a very solitary life on the small island her father and his fatherís people before him settled on because of their desire to live a life unencumbered by technology. Time seemed to stand still on Tongi, a paradise of peace and serenity. Children were taught in a one-room school that was open on all sides and covered by a thatched roof. Parents built their own homes and raised the animals needed to provide food and clothing for their families. Fruit grew in abundance in the lush forests of Tongi and the rich soil was harvested for crops of vegetables. Life seemed perfect to all who live there. All but young Alea, who longed for something different, something she only could dream about during her childhood and then take measures to attain as she matured into young adulthood. Alea longed to travel; to move beyond the world she knew into the one that existed outside of her sheltered paradise. Everyone tried to talk her out of leaving Tongi, from her saddened parents to her desperate life long boyfriend Eti. But Alea knew what she wanted and finally, she convinced her parents that she wouldnít be changing her mind about it any time soon. Convinced that granting Alea her freedom to leave would make their child happy, Tran and Kika left Tongi and moved back to the mainland. There, all were exposed to the world that seemed magical to them after their simple way of life. Tran immersed himself in study and, using his life experiences, became a Marine Biologist. Kika didnít settle in as quickly but did do her best to try and learn how to use the machines and gadgets that now surrounded her. Alea couldnít have been happier. She too, attended the local university and graduated along side her father. However, her degree was in music for when Alea sang, her talent awed people. Her voice, an oddly deep one for one so delicate looking, could reduce them to tears or lift their spirits so high that they swore they were soaring above solid ground. Encouraged by her friend and family, Alea began to sing in local clubs and soon had a following that got her noticed by the movers and shakers in the music business. One company in particular wanted to sign her and their offer was too generous for Alea to ever consider turning down. Magna Records knew what they were doing. They also knew that they had the ultimate musician under contract and when Alea Solonga and Seth Cally got together, the credits would begin pouring in.

At first, people thought it strange that a boy from Wisconsin and Polynesian girl from an obscure island named Tongi could sing traditional Country and Western music, but sing it they did! Soon, their names became known throughout the galaxy. Their business relationship soon turned into a romantic one and the pair married a year after their first album went double platinum. One year after that, little Uma arrived on the scene. Seth and Alea chose that particular name for their lovely girl in honor of a fellow musician and dear friend Malti who had passed away only months before the birth of their daughter. The name Hindu name means Mother in Maltiís native language.

Cally did well at the Academy and graduated at the top of her class. She spent several years on Terra working as an assistant professor at the Academy. Then, to her joy, she received orders to report to the USS PHOENIX.