Bo_Donati.jpg (48737 bytes) Name: Rear Admiral Bo Donati
Position: Chief of Security, Third Fleet
Birth world:  Selta Avastam, Triangle Sector

Personal Data: 

Height: 6’2".
Weight: 215 lbs.
Sex: Male 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Grey 
Race: Human/Romulan Hybrid

Immediate Family

Mother: DR. Selena Altean-Donati (Disposition unknown) 
Father: Captain Marcus Donati (Deceased)
Marital Status: Married – ADM Alisha Black-Donati, Chief of Staff, Third Fleet
Divorced – Dr. Miranda Donati, Chief of Medicine, Starbase 29
Children: SLT Rebecca Donati, 3rd Special Operations Group, USS PHOENIX
Cadet Marcus Donati, Third Fleet Academy, Enya
Kirk & Klye Donati, five-year old twins

Physical Appearance: Rear Admiral Donati has dark features common with his Romulan parentage. His eyebrows and ears are arched in typical Romulan fashion. Bo Donati has a muscular physique and keeps himself in peak physical condition with rigorous workouts in the gym.

Personality: Bo Donati is extremely loyal to the Federation and Starfleet. As a former starship captain, Bo expects near perfection from himself as well as those under his command. He is a trusted friend and a feared enemy.

Other Pertinent Data: Commander Adria Donati, Chief of Engineering Aldebaran Shipyards, is the Admiral’s biological sister.

History: Bo was born to Marcus Donati, a marooned starship captain and Selena Donati on the planet Selta Avastam. Selta Avastam ("point of the wedge") lies directly between Romulan and Klingon space. The third border of this disputed territory lies in Orion space.

At the age of 16, Selena arranged for her son to be transported to Federation space. He was immediately discovered to be the son of a MIA Starfleet Captain and he was given a home on Earth.

Space was in Bo’s blood and he was sponsored for testing for consideration to Starfleet Academy. His test scores were excellent and over the protest of some (due to his Romulan ancestry) he was admitted to the academy.

Upon graduation, Bo was encouraged to opt for the intelligence division, his genetics being the perfect disguise for an operative. (Details of RADM Donati’s service in the intelligence division are classified).

Bo took his first tour of starship duty aboard the frigate DILIGENCE. Through years of hard work he soon rose to the position of Chief Science Officer then subsequently as the First Officer of the DILIGENCE.

His second tour was aboard the USS GALILEO as first officer of the prototype starship.

Bo was promoted to Captain and given command of the Excelsior-class starship, USS LEXINGTON. During his last years of command Bo married Admiral Alisha Black-Donati and together they had twin sons Kirk and Kyle.

Currently Rear Admiral Bo Donati is the Chief of Security, Third Fleet. He resides on Enya with his wife and two sons.