Black-Donati.jpg (52232 bytes) Name: Admiral Alisha Black-Donati
Position: Chief of Staff, Third Fleet
Birth world:  Great Falls, Montana - Earth
Age:  48 Standard Earth Years (2268)

Personal Data: 

Height:  5’9".  
Weight: 150 lbs.  
Sex: Female 
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Hazel 
Race: Human

Immediate Family

Mother: Catherine Black 
Father:  Commodore Martin Black (Retired)
Marital Status: Married – RADM Bo Donati, Chief of Security, Third Fleet
Children: Twins, Kirk & Kyle Donati

Physical Appearance: Alisha Donati could easily pass for a woman many years her junior. She is tall and possesses a svelte physique, which she keeps well toned. Her long dark ebony hair is kept fashionably piled on top of her head while on duty. Alisha’s facial features are high lighted by bright hazel eyes, upswept in an intriguing fashion.

Personality: Admiral Donati is a workaholic. Her devotion to duty is above approach and it is her tireless work ethic that saw her attain the rank of Rear Admiral. Admiral Alisha Black-Donati is the youngest officer to attain the rank of Rear Admiral at age of forty-one.

Off duty Alisha is a devoted mother to her two children spending all of her free time with them and her husband Bo.

Other Pertinent Data: Admiral Donati is the stepmother of her husband’s two children by a former marriage. SLT Rebecca Donati; 3rd Operations Group, USS PHOENIX and Cadet Marcus Donati, Third Fleet Academy, Enya.

History: Alisha Black-Donati was born on the North American continent, Great Falls, Montana. Her father, Commodore Martin Black, took his wife and child to every deep space posting that was allowed by Starfleet.

Alisha grew up surrounded by Starfleet and she naturally opted for the academy. Alisha showed a propensity for administration as well as profound leadership qualities.

As a Lieutenant Commander, Alisha spent six years with the intelligence branch earning her the admiration of her superior officers.

Alisha later transferred to Third Fleet Headquarters, which orbits Daran V, where she continued to excel as the operations officer. She was quickly rising through the ranks and when the position on the admiralty council opened, she was immediately considered to fill the vacancy. Shortly after her forty-first birthday, Alisha was promoted to Rear Admiral, heading the Fleet Operations Division.

At forty-two Alisha was further promoted to Vice Admiral. During this time Alisha married Captain Bo Donati, formally of the USS LEXINGTON. Together they have twin five-year old sons, Kirk and Kyle, which they are raising on Enya.

Alisha recently was promoted to full admiral and she was positioned as Chief of Staff, Third Fleet.