Name: Lieutenant Nick Aneillo
Position: Security Officer
Birth World: Venice, Italy, Terra
Age: 41 Standard Earth Years (2278)

Personal Data:

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue Race: Human

Immediate Family:

Mother: CDR Victoria Aneillo Retired
Father: CDR Francisco Aneillo MIA
Marital Status: CDR Leigh Aneillo MIA
Children: ENS Nicole Aneillo (17) USS Lexingtion Science Officer

Physical Appearance: Lieutenant Aneillo is tall, has a light olive complexion and a well-toned physique. His peers consider him handsome. The blueness of his eyes in contrast to his complexion and hair color is considered to be his most attractive feature. On occasion, Aneillo has grown a mustache.

Personality: Lieutenant Aneillo is normally very friendly and outgoing. He can be sarcastic, but his sarcasm is usually meant to evoke humor in his fellow crewmates. LT Leigha Aneillo, the Mother of ENS Nicole Aneillo was listed as MIA when her shuttle was lost in a spatial anomaly. Lieutenant has remarried to CDR Adria nee Donati Aneillo currently posted as Chief of Engineering, USS Intrepid.

History: Lieutenant Nicholas Aneillo was born aboard the starship USS GETTYSBURG while in orbit of Mars. His mother, LCDR Victoria Aneillo, took an extended leave of absence to raise her child. She returned to Earth and settled in Venice, Italy her husband’s ancestral home. After five years Victoria accepted a position aboard the primary orbiting space dock of earth and moved herself and her son to the station. Thirteen months later Victoria was informed that the USS GETTYSBURG was attacked and destroyed. Her husband, the first officer of the starship was officially listed as missing in action (MIA).

At seventeen Nicholas applied, tested and was accepted into the academy. He was an average student and diligent in his studies. He graduated from the academy and was assigned to the USS MOSCOW as an assistant engineer. He concentrated on the shuttles and other small vessels and was found to be a very capable mechanic and troubleshooter. During his tenure aboard the MOSCOW, Aneillo was certified to pilot shuttles, pods and the workbees.

Lieutenant Aneillo’s career was not free from disciplinary action. After a transfer to the USS ATLANTIC and promotion to lieutenant commander, Aneillo was demoted for insubordination to the chief engineer. Two years later, soon after his divorce was finalized, Aneillo was passed over for promotion for conduct unbecoming an officer. The incident involved a number of Starfleet personnel who were detained for a bar room brawl while on liberty from the USS ATLANTIC. Being one of the senior officers involved, Aneillo shouldered the blame and was nearly dishonorably discharged. Surprisingly, the chief engineer spoke on his behalf and saved his career at least temporarily.

Lieutenant Aneillo was transferred to the USS PHOENIX with hopes that a change of postings would serve to resurrect his stagnant career…Lieutenant Aneillo served the Phoenix and Starfleet admirably but resigned his commission shortly after the incident which claimed the life of his wife Leigha.

Seven years later he would meet CDR Adria Donati, Chief Engineer of Aldebarran shipyards and take a civilian posting as an engineer at the shipyards. Less than a year later, Nicholas married Adria in a private ceremony.

Currently, Lieutenant Aneillo has been assigned to the Phoenix while CDR Adria Aneillo has been posted to the USS Intrepid as the Chief of Engineering.