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Robert Haag
Meteor Hunter

Robert A. Haag, 45, "The Meteorite Man", became one of the world's first meteorite hunters 15 years ago, and today remains securely at the top of his field. Although several other dealers have cropped up in recent years, Haag is still the largest source for meteorites, bought, sold and traded, in the world.

Haag is the Indiana Jones of meteorite hunters, and has visited dozens of well-known and obscure countries in search of the space gems. He has mounted expeditions to the most remote regions on Earth, combing the back country of Chile, Argentina, Namibia, Australia, Mexico, Egypt, Siberia and others, making his own roads, navigating by the stars, and often flying over the area in his paraplane to help spot the treasure. A single report of a confirmed "fall" will send Haag to the site immediately, no matter where it is, or what it takes to get him there.

Haag has even been arrested and jailed (in Argentina) for plying his trade, and some countries now outlaw exportation of large meteorites as "national treasures", because more and more of them were being shipped to Haag for sale by the local discoverers. Nevertheless, Haag, once the bane of meteorite scholars, has generously donated and traded rare meteorites to institutions and museums around the world.

Haag was one of the first private citizens to obtain meteorites from Mars and the Moon.

Haag maintains his huge collection in an air-conditioned vault beneath his home in Tucson, complete with massive steel door and combination lock. His boyish looks and sparkling smile betray his high-energy lifestyle: Haag enjoys playing his guitars, boating and flying when not in his workshop slicing up the latest find or on an expedition to some godforsaken corner of the world. He loves his job!

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